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Skate Movie Review: LSD by Krooked

By Paula Osorio
P. Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Due to copyright issues with regards to the use of some music material, this video was taken down from YouTube. However, earlier this year, the Krooked Team sorted it out and re-uploaded it to the platform for everyone’s enjoyment. Now, before anything happens (like the end of the world, you never know when it comes to 2020), we’d like to highlight some of the best things about this film.


Skating Skills and Power

The Krooked skate team was wack! In the first scene of the movie, we see German skater Van Wastell landing a clean, quick manual, after jumping a 2-feet gap. This movie is a tribute to him as he passed away in 2008 after falling from a hotel window in Berlin.

After the intro, where we see Mark Gonzales goofing around with the gang, Brad Cromer makes his entry from a fence on high. He jumps up on fences, grinding on ledges, and sliding through a couple of benches. This guy’s performance was terrific and the backtracks were chosen well. There was “Sarah” from Ween and “Let It Flow” by Spiritualized. Great choices. We continue on the journey throughout the cities, to where Bobby Worrest’s makes his appearance. In this segment, all that we can see and hear is awesome.  “What Have I Done to  Deserve This?” from the PetShop Boys plays and melts in our ears as Worrest wrecks the streets throwing some BS nose slides on multiple surfaces and wallrides the buildings.






Up next, Matt Gottwig’s talent pops up out of nowhere with Cold Cave’s “Confetti” setting the stage for a fricking long boardslide among other gnarly SHIT®. Dan Drehobl and Ronnie Sandoval’s montage is, by far, one of the most adventurous parts of the whole film. That double handplant and the numerous ramp tricks, leave the audience all wowed after watching these skaters, performing their stunts to  “Windy” from The Association.

Sebo Walker’s tricks are done to “Crashed Out” from the Beach Fossils. This man shows us how effortless boneless and fakie kickflips are done. Plus, those 15 stairs at the end of his cut were insane. On the other hand, the prelude of Mike Anderson’s part predicts what is coming: the death of us, forced by the hand of his board. Mike’s spinning in that tight corridor leaves us dizzy as hell, along with the fact that “Human Cannonball” is already sickening us to the bone.


Artworks and Extra Info

Shot in multiple cities like Venice, San Francisco, Santa Monica, New York, Barcelona, and others, LSD is an acid adventure (not completely lysergic) where the artworks were in charge of the legendary “Gonz” and the motion graphics were made by Trevon Morgan. The “visionary chicken” of this movie was Tommy Guerrero, the still photography was done by Gabe Morford, and the “art wrangler” was Lou Barberio. The Vertical Vampire was one of many spots used in this movie and all the skits had the whole Krooked team in. Really a great one to watch. Go check it out.

Peace Out!





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