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Skate Movie Review: Holy Stokes

P. Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Directed by Russell Houghten and produced by Jake Smith, Holy Stokes! is a compilation of video parts where the whole Volcom Team reunites to celebrate the 20 years of the brand’s history. The crew took over the world to show us how to rock the streets of cities like Atlanta, Barcelona, New York, Medellin, Montreal, Philadelphia, Mallorca, Paris, Ottawa, Mar del Plata, Manila, Sydney, Raleigh, and a lot more, to prove that skateboarding is wilder and more alive than ever before.


The Team’s Expertise

This movie took 2 years to be filmed in 4K and was released in 2016. It features 25 pro skaters that do the most incredible tricks. We could see Louie Lopez grinding a rail right next to a train passing by, Chris Pfanner was flying through the air at high speed most of the time, and Kyle Walker jumped from a couple of 5-feet-tall surfaces. Ryan Sheckler landed several backside tricks, Alex Midler was the king of rail sliding, David Gonzalez was super smooth in every feat he tried, and Alec Majerus showed himself pretty classy.






We had the chance to see the nightmares that Dustin Dollin had due to a f*cking hard slam. In those hallucinations, his contract was terminated for being on the floor all the time, a bunch of scooter boys kicked him right before an ambulance full of clowns took him on a stretcher to where CJ Collins was meant to cut off his legs with a hacksaw and, when we thought it was all over, the devil burned him to death. Pure and authentic fun.

There were also some awesome and quite cinematographic shots, like the ones where the crew was having a good time inside dry pools while, in the background, samples from the news were addressing the drought that California was suffering at that time. Or the aerial takes from a huge factory, a wide river, and big and beautiful trees followed by slow-motion tricks performed using a table lunch set on different locations.


Kind of a Masterpiece

During the film, we got to see the team touring through Latin America, Europe, North America, and Asia. We saw astonishing spots in different countries, and the relation between the skaters and their own spots in their own countries, portrayed the wonders of skate: uniting souls from every corner of the earth around the same passion. With every single cheering, the spectators can feel the sense of brotherhood inside the squad and that feeling strengthens the entire plot of the movie for its audience.

In addition to that, the delicate edition in charge of James Messina, the impeccable photography assured by Anthony Travis along with the involvement of director Houghten on both of these processes, made this skate movie a very entertaining and powerful piece to watch. An enjoyable and upbeat soundtrack composed with songs like Plasmodium’s “Space eye”, Billy Changer’s “Band of Brothers”, Pontiak’s “Ghosts”, Jackie Mittoo’s “Soul bird”, Jack Ladder’s “Come on back this way” and Serpent throne’s “Veil of the black witch” among others, inspiring the viewers to grab a board and go around to emulate the sick stunts that these guys are doing.

So, if you have 1 hour free of your time, we seriously invite you to take a look at this stunningly well-done movie to get inspired to go out and ride the world, we’re sure you’ll get the Volcom vibe right away. Peace out!


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