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Skate Movie Review: Bones Brigade, An Autobiography

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Stacy Peralta, one of the most famous skateboarders from the 70’s took into his own hands to gather his dream team, one that was going to take skateboarding to the next level and get a whole generation of kids to fall in love with the discipline, a team that basically set the standards to what we know now as skateboarding! without them, a lot of this would not be possible. From the invention of tricks to the mystic of skateboarding publications, videos, magazines, and events and all in between, told by those who were able to make it possible.

Stacy had a dream that became his long life goal, once he stepped out of the spotlight being one of the most famous skaters of his era, he decided that it was time to start building up his legacy by not only gathering but also developing the skills of those who were going to turn the tables of the whole industry, he did not decide to go for the already famous amateurs to add to his team, he chose those who were on the background and still learning! And that’s how the group of the most unthought-of misfits was born to the name of the still worldwide famous BONES BRIGADE!

The film captures almost all of the shades of the skateboarding backgrounds with unseen material, that will take you through the whole journey of the precursors of skateboarding.

Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain, Alan Gelfand, Mike McGill, and Tommy Guerrero are just some of the guys that will tell you not only the story of the famous crew, but also the story of how being just kids with a huge amount of potential (as seen by Peralta) and from very different backgrounds, were almost fated to become some of the famous skaters in the world!






Unimaginable Insights

Did you know that Caballero was one of the biggest inspirations for Tony Hawk? well, let HIM tell you how seeing caballero skate got him to push his boundaries higher and higher wich basically led him to where he is now.

These guys saw and were part of the rise and downfall of the skateboarding craze of the ’80s, they were always stepping on each other’s feet, because altho they were a team, each one fo them was always looking to develop its own skateboarding style, innovate and create the tricks that took skateboarding to the next level to beat the others.

From seeing the first Mctwist to the first Ollie, you will be in for an inspirational ride that will certainly still amaze you. Directed by Stacy himself and released almost a decade ago, the film has something that no one other than Peralta could have accomplished! All of our favorite skateboarding stars in their 12’s and 14’s learning the tricks that made them famous is something you definitely don’t get to see every day!


Inside The Mind Of A Skateboarding Genius

One of the most captivating aspects of the film is the story of Rodney Mullen told from his own perspective, the love this man has for skateboarding is something out of this world that many tried but still quite don’t understand to this date. The set of mind of an individual that truly loves skateboarding and bared in his shoulders the weigh of fame and the pressure of competitions which almost let him to the grave at a very early stage of his life.

The emotion and realness in which Mullen describes his development and excitement of seeing his teammates come up with new SHIT® he never even considered trying is something out of this world, truly priceless to see and hear the humility and love in wich this guy describes skateboarding, that against all odds, made him one of the most important figures of the skateboarding world to this date.

Not only the fact that he invented tricks that are still performed, but man, the way he expresses his mind about skateboarding as a holistic, spiritual, and philosophical state of mind is definitely something you CAN’T miss out on.


A life Long Dedication

Same as Mullen, all of the bones brigade will tell you their development, downfalls, achievements, and love for skateboarding from their own perspective. Even those who at some point became their rivals will tell how they became influenced by this team of “boy scouts” (as one of them referred to the brigade) since they were not able to even come close to the skills and the SHIT® these dudes were pulling out at that time.

It is amazing to see how Mullen and Tony became at some point exhausted of the demanding world of contests and see how Peralta was there to take them out of an emotional gutter that got them to even achieve bigger things, in the end, they were only kids looking to have fun, and so they did.







Worldwide Recognition

The film will take you also to the golden era of the bones brigade, since the birth of their first skateboarding film, that completely revolutionized the industry, to becoming worldwide beloved athletes traveling all continents to preach the skateboarding word to the masses.

Peralta, His team, and his company could probably be responsible for creating what we know as “the skateboarding industry” since they led the path for other smaller independent companies and shops to open their doors to what now has become not only a lifestyle or a sport but an “art form on its own” in the words of Tony Hawk.

If you like skateboarding history and LOVE skateboarding this is definitely a film you NEED to watch and re-watch if you’ve seen it already, we risk out to say is probably the best documentary skateboarding film released in a decade! The footage and stories you will get from it is definitely something you WILL NOT find anywhere else.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes! We are no film critics, but we love skateboarding and we are surely willing to give this film an 11 out of 10, have you seen it? If not, you can find the full flick HERE! Let us know what you think! We would love to hear your opinion on this one!


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