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Skate Movie Review: "Alright, ok" by Vans

By Paula Osorio
P. Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Filmed in different locations inside Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, and the US, “Alright, Ok” is a delightful movie full of graceful and perfect skate moves. Having a pretty good team behind the scenes and using great equipment gave the film the amazing quality it has. And this, accompanied by tremendous skating from Elijah Berle and Gilbert Crockett along with the cinematic mind of Greg Hunt, make this movie a must-see. Between parts, Justin Henry also made an appearance as a special guest, showing off how solid he is at skateboarding.







Classic black and white footage featuring 16mm and 35mm shots made this movie. The music selection didn’t disappoint either: songs like “Cream of Gold” from Pavement, Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams”, “Fallin’ Rain” performed by Link Wray and Reverend Baron’s “B Uno”, “B Dos”, and “B Tres”, guided the journey and emotion all the way until the end.

On this occasion, Hunt not only gave us a pretty cool skate movie but also a digital zine 26 pages long, where he documented the almost-2-year process of the making this movie. All the things we like about skateboarding came together here, style, good music, and perfect tricks.


Gilbert’s Play

When southern pro skater Gil Crockett popped up in this film with his enigmatic style, after appearing in 2015’s ‘Propeller’, which was also created by Hunt, and 2018’s ‘Mother’, we got the feeling that he was a missing part that we didn’t know was missing. This dude splits his life between skateboarding and design, and there something really good to learn here: Never just be sitting around. When he isn’t skating he is drawing new designs of future tattoos. With glimpses of his personal life, in clips between scenes, you can see him playing with his dogs with great tenderness. We must say that “Cream of Gold” couldn’t be a more accurate song to acclimate Crockett’s part, those vintage rock sounds match his “old soul”.



Elijah’s Game

At the very beginning of this movie, we got to see Berle’s speedy run down the street while he jumped in and out of a separator and, that short fragment of the video was all that we needed to see to know we had an amazing show coming. Elijah seemed like a cool mashup between Elvis Presley at his best and James Dean surfing an empty pool and wrecking the concrete apart. Most of his tricks had this element, he blended speed and strength which gave his whole performance an amazing tinge of professionalism. Plus, Link Wray’s "Fallin’ Rain" added that soft and classy touch that we all loved.

Throughout the film, the guys are also shown playing baseball with their decks, driving around the city looking for great spots. If you’re interested in finding out more about this movie, you can visit Vans Website to have exclusive access to the two short interviews that Greg Hunt had with both of these skaters, and read the Digital Zine that was born from this project.


Love it as we did and skate safe!

Peace Out!



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