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Skate Documentary Review: Humanity Stoked

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Humanity Stoked is a documentary and a movement that right now is helping to promote love, care and development in this world to those who most need it and move forward together. It's a full movie produced by What Stops You and directed by Michael Ien Cohen.

They try all kinds of topics about skateboarding ranging from history, judging women, systemic bullying, posers, ego and humility, transgenders, politics, equality vs rights and racial division.

"Humanity Stoked is being produced to help promote awareness and raise funds to benefit humanity through fields of science, art, music, history, LGBTQ rights, environmental issues, politics, and legal issues," it says on the official website.

All the money made from the film goes to charity. They even saved money to produce the documentary, "everyone from the cast and crew is offering their time, talent, and love pro bono, thus eliminating waste at every turn," they explained.






The documentary receives support from the biggest brands, media and filmmakers like Vans, JetBlue, Paris Truck Co, Element, Monster, Transworld Skateboarding, Tony Hawk Foundation, The Berrics, Voltiv Sound, Iris Skateboards and more.

Likewise, it counts a huge crew that has made it all possible. You will see Nyjah Huston, Tony Hawk, Lizzie Armanto, Bob Burnquist, Paul Rodriguez, Chris Cole, Vanessa Torres, Christian Hosoi, Tony Alva, Tyshawn Jones, Sebo Walker and many other known skateboarders.


A Documentary To Inspire And Help

Humanity Stoked is a social project created to show a human issue. People can be rude to others, not take care of the environment and hurt with words and actions that make this world hard to live in for some.

The world is constantly changing thanks to the human being, even with all the technology and devices, global connections, economy evolving every day, new opportunities to create and innovate. Even finding a spot where we can feel free, people are still losing something.

Empathy. We like to say what's wrong with others and tell them how to do things right, but we also get bothered when someone else tries to tell or show us something different that we don’t want to accept.

There are so many situations that we have gone through, sometimes we hurt people and sometimes others hurt us. That's completely normal, but what if we try to change our own environment and start respecting those who are on the sidelines?

If you are a father or mother, or if you are a teen or an adult you will remember how your childhood was when you needed to defend yourself to not let others break you. Even so, kids were always trying to make you feel bad. Maybe those kids were scared, or maybe their parents helped them in learning how to deal with it.

If we continue justifying our acts and think that everything is a joke and that those kids were just playing around, our world will continue being the way that it is. Skateboarding teaches us many special things like appreciating the efforts of others.

Congratulating someone else after they were trying so hard with the skateboard and then landed the trick shows us that we can always say comforting words, share a good vibes and teach how to kick a trick like we learned ourself before.

We are part of the same society and before the respect and admiration, we used to be judged and bullied. Some time ago, most parents thought that there wasn't going to be a future to this sport and many riders believed it. When everything started no one expected anything untill passion, discipline and attention brought the best things into the world ever and no one have cared about comments since.


Art, Science and Human Rights!

They want to highlight the importance of creating different environments for people to develop behavior that will provide creativity, empathy and solidarity to any person. For example, art, science and human rights.

"The arts help us express our values, build bridges between cultures, and brings us together regardless of ethnicity, religion or age. When times are tough, art is a salve for the ache," Humanity Stoked said about art. Additionally, "The nonprofit arts industry alone generates $135 billion in economic activity annually (spending by organizations and their audiences) that supports 4.1 million jobs and generates $22.3 billion in government revenue," they added.

Arts spark creativity and innovation, and if we think about it, how nice would it be if you could help kids to be more creative and passionate about what they're doing. The whole world needs more people exploring their minds and expressing their feelings through music, dance, design, paint and why not, sports.

On the other hand, they think that science helps children to identify and solve problems, which provides tools to encourage life with rationalism and determination and all because of curiosity.

"A basic human motivator is to try to understand WHY. Why did something happen? How does something work? Curiosity about the world around us and about what makes it tick is at the foundation of invention, creativity, and problem-solving," humanity said about it.

"At the heart of the civil rights movement is the basic human dignity of all people and their right to live in freedom and with justice and equal opportunity," they said. That's why it's so important to show all those critical stances from all these skaters that are diverse, creative and full of positive things to help change the world.



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