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A Mungia's Fest That Mix Skateboarding and Rock Music

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Mungia is a Spanish municipality of the historic province Vizcaya from the Vasco country. In 2015 the government built a skatepark, since then the skateboarding community started to rapidly expand, which helped Azken Zarata and Malen Skate Kluba who made a yearly event that mixes music and skateboarding.

Unfortunately, this year the world had to stop for a while and make all the organizations think better about how can they make events involving people, whilst thinking about preventing coronavirus from spreading as well.

That's why these two organizations planned The Atzekaldeta Rock & Skate Mungia Festival for this year, an innovative event that will be held in October 17th in the cultural center Olalde Aretoa and through a social media transmission.

The festival will have music performances, but also a skateboarding competition. Before the event, organizers have made participants file a form first.






Skateboarding Contest


All participators will have to wait for a date confirmation by the Festival, then each skater will have the chance to record two lines in the Mungia Skatepark September 30th.

This contest will be a new offer to see how skateboarding talent is in their city. Also to make something different in this season and revive the essence of going out and enjoying the different urban surroundings.

Boys and girls will be able to do their best performances to compete like in the "before-times". They also will have time to skate at Mungia Skatepark as well and be part of the show in the concert.

It has female and male categories as well, and after the recording of the videos Malen Skate Kluba will announce the 14 finalists for each category, it won't be easy for the riders but all of them have the chance to be there and win.

Mungia skateboarders will have the chance to win 300 euros at the first place in the open category, 150 EUR to the second place, and to the third-place 50 EUR.

It's important to underline that those kinds of prize purses, are always going to provide skateboarders good motivation because it's cool to win money doing what you love.


Psychedelic and Rock Music Concert


Besides competing, the Atzekaldeta Rock & Skate Mungia Festival will feature two concerts by Mungia's rock bands like Wicked Wizzard and Acid Mess, both performing with their latest albums.

Wicked Wizzard, from Mungia, will play its new album Warlords of The Dark Realm and they said on their Instagram account that "This album was recorded in Magic Box Mungia by the big wizard James Morgan, where we have tried to capture the essence of our live show", by the way, all the rock music lovers will enjoy it on the Atzekaldeta Rock & Skate Mungia Festival.

Acid Mess, from Oviedo, Spain, will also play its new Psychedelic record Sangre de Otros Mundos at the festival, an album that "was released via the independent label Spinda Records" said Acid Mess on their Instagram profile.

Both bands guarantee a great experience if you love great music and skateboarding, by now organizers are working on the fest preparations to make an event for this season.

"Depending on how the pandemic evolves, we have the capacity for 271 people but the number of people could vary, by now, we will keep attentive with those changes," said Javier Polu, an Azken Zarata's member to Deia's media about the Festival.

Once they are sure of the number of people who will be allowed to be in the cultural center, they'll put up tickets for sale at online bank Kutxabank and during the festival as well, if there are any leftover tickets available.

It definitely sounds like a great meeting to share with more music and skateboarding lovers. They made a different offer of how they can carry out this kind of event and we hope they willsucceed with its concert.


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