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Skate and Create: Skateboarding Tour In Spain

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


The guys at Skatenergia had been working on their second skateboarding video after the well-received “Somos Energia” (We are energy) which has over 200.000 views on their YouTube channel, and their new video Skate and Create was premiered on March 26 of this year, to the excitement of young fans of the brand and the crew.

The news was announced back in November 2019 on their official website when they shared a link to the official trailer of the video, the guys worked on this project for over 8 months in which some of the best current work of Spain's skateboarding community really shines! The skateboarding brand decided to release the full content of the 25-minute long video which can really provide local skaters as well as the worldwide community a little bit of skateboarding peace that we all need and crave in these difficult times.






Skate and Create

The video is the result of months of hard work with young skateboarders showcasing the best spots in Spain like Alicante, Zaragoza, Barcelona (link), and Vigo. Its name, which could also take us back to one of the first slogans for Transworld Magazine, clearly shows what these guys are trying to do in their local skateboarding community to promote and guide young local skateboarders that are part of the team and give them the possibility to have their skills featured in the best quality possible and to a worldwide audience.

The video is also a tribute to creativity, as the name describes, and it displays a whole different perspective of skateboarding from back in the days where the main goal was to “skate and destroy” get wasted and do some crazy SHIT® you wouldn't remember the next day.


The Skatenergia Team

Roger Suarez (@rogersuarezzz)

Alejandro Beneito “Pelu” (@thatplu)

Dylan Burt (@dylanburtt)

Francesc Boix (@boix)

Jorge de Torres (@jorgedtorres95)

Jaime Lloret (@jaimelloretsk)

These are some of the Skatenergy team members that are featured in the video amongst some other local surprises we will leave for you to discover, the team also came up with limited edition gear along with the video, for fans to support and be a part of the whole Skate and Create movement and philosophy.

Francesc Boix, co-founder of the brand states “We want to create a space for people who don't feel identified with the stereotype of a skater” these brief words show clearly what the aim is for the brand and the crew that has been formed over time, the team shares their own “philosophy” which main goal is to take down the words “rebellious”, “dangerous” and “insane” as labels for the average skater, or not necessarily take them down but transform them into what they really are or they could be.





They see rebelliousness as a form of expression as most skaters do, the fact that a street was not built to skate is beyond the perception of reality of a skateboarder, a regular plaza or park could become a strong field of expression for a skateboarder and its playground, the danger is also something portrayed as negative but is something that helps skaters to overcome and grown not only as skaters but also as people. When you fall you have to get up and try again! And the insanity that many people believe that the skateboarding community is led with misconduct and bad habits is what these guys are trying to fight the most by spreading and sharing knowledge of a healthy lifestyle as an essential part of the practice of skateboarding!

The team also ventures into breaking gender stereotypes by adding a dudette to the mix and keep on enforcing the fact that skateboarding is no longer a “male-dominated” world.

Overall, the video is a breath of fresh air from the immediacy of social media, we are not very used to seeing full-length productions anymore like back in the day, minute-long Instagram videos have somehow taken out the lovely practice of just sitting down and watching a full-length video with your dudes in the couch and commenting on it!

The video is definitely something different and it has a real feel of just hanging out and skating with friends which is what skateboarding is all about for most of us! FUN and FRIENDS!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, we will leave you with the full video below, so sit back and relax while you see these guys skating on the best local spots in Spain and get to know some of the youngbloods and the local skateboarding scene in this country.





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