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SHIT® x OnklP Collaboration Announcement

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


Pål Tøien, born 12 May 1984, Norway's Hip Hop and skate legend, has been in the industry long enough to be one of the most recognizable urban music figures in the country. His music career started back in the days with the partnership alongside Jaa9 which got his name out to the world, multiple recognitions in Norway, awards and even being voted second best rapper of all time! Along OnklP & De Fjerne Slektningene (The Distant Relatives) His Rap-Rock band, he made a huge impact on Norway's youth by mixing to perfection two of the music genres most known for being the outlet of maximum expression for skaters around the world.


The Life of The Artist

Onklp på et skateboard

Pål Tøien AKA OnkIP has not been stopped in pursuing his musical dreams, from his very first big break almost 20 years ago, he has hustled his way into becoming a reference of a lot of the SHIT® going on musically in his country and has lived life as real as it could get, he has been praised when he has been on top by most and kicked while being down by some.

The life of many artists has been described a tragic. The world's current state and the evolution of culture, social media and the music industry has become a double-edged sword for many of them, OnkIP has learned the whereabouts, has walked the streets and cracked the code to deal with both his and the industries demons, he raised above the disaster to speak HIS own truth trough his music.

His experience and footsteps, although not always clear, have led him to where he is now...

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Pål Tøien!

His homonymous new album Pål Tøien will take you through this man's mind, opinion and current view of the world, his personal and musical evolution are perfectly translated in the 10 songs that compose the album.


OnklP - Pål Tøien (Tracklist)

Pål Tøien Album

⦁ Pål Tøien
⦁ Det her
⦁ Hollywood
⦁ OCB Slim (feat Martin Hazy & Temur)
⦁ Nevemagnet
⦁ Bør jeg
⦁ Konge for en kveld
⦁ Skygger
⦁ Føler meg bedre
⦁ Når du blir stor (feat William Larsen)


The 10 tracks are a personal journey through life, an autobiographical look back of his early years and his hopes of the future as an artist and spokesman for Norway's streets and youth.

Some of the country's elite producers: Stargate, Ole Torjus, William Larsen, Tommy Tee, Lucas Nord and ObeyOkay made a part of the creation of this magnificent piece that it's sure to get praise, critique, but most importantly, make clear that OnkIP is still on the top on Norway's rap game.

Listen to the new album here! 


Skateboarding The Streets of Norway


Rap and Rock music have always been a huge influence in the skateboarding culture, and OnkIP is no stranger to the lifestyle, this is probably one of the reasons he got inclined to these musical genres to begin with. This dude has been skating longer than he has been raping, from his early starts in Lillehammer, his hometown back in Norway, the dude has been developing his skills for over 25 years and according to the man himself one of his dreams have always been to have his name on a skateboard!

As a brand that values and delivers high quality on every lever, we are blessed to be able to build high quality collaborations as well. Today we have the honor of presenting you with the first product of our SHITxONKLP Collaboration. This is the SHITxOnkIP Crown Deck!


Presenting the SHITxOnkIP Crown Deck!

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Pål has been skating long before he got into music and is a more than able skater. With this collaboration, we are making a dream of his come true with his own signature deck model.

This deck is the first of a full-on collaboration collection with OnkIP that you should expect to see soon. Today we are releasing the SHIT® x OnklP Crown Deck and Pro Complete!

Comes in the following sizes:

  • 7.3
  • 7,5
  • 7,6
  • 7.8
  • 8.0
  • 8.1
  • 8.2
  • 8.5


Available for pre-purchase here!

SHIT® making history alongside OnkIP!

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Isaac Talmage Dunn June 19, 2020

You guys lit already. Im in SoCal. Stay up!!!

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