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SHIT® x EMBLA Collaboration: Breaking Boundaries

Written by Lars Horpestad


In loving memory of project head designer Torhild Anita Lambersøy.
26th of March 1947 † 25th of June 2020.


Sometimes combinations just makes sense. This is one of those times. For quite a while SHIT® has been working together with Embla Bunader, a tailor of Norwegian traditional folk art suits and dresses to create a groundbreaking new collection and, as a matter of fact, a completely new never done before style of clothing by combining traditional Norwegian folk art "Rosemaling" and untraditional urban city life.


Embla Bunader and Torhild Anita Lambersøy

Embla Bunader og SHIT SKATEBOARD COMPANY Collaboration
Embla's Thorhild and SHIT® Founder Frode Goa working on the collaboration's rosemaling designs.

The project has been spearheaded by Embla Bunaders' Torhild Anita Lambersøy, who sadly passed away a few weeks before the announcement of this project. Thorhild, who has been drawing the rosemaling patterns for the products in this collection has been creating traditional bunad suits and dresses for her entire life. She started at Tananger in Norway with a sewing room, and ended up with a large sewing manufacturing fascility in Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Embla Bunader has sold suits to stores in Norway for a long time, but decided 5 years ago to open a store in Stavanger, Norway. This went so well that they now have opened their second store, not far from the first at Kvadrat Shopping Center in the Stavanger Region.
Shit Skateboard Company and  Embla Bunader Skateboard Rosemaling Design
Thorhild was elated about the full spectrum of the collaboration and collection, but favored the skateboard. This product will be available soon. 
"We are passionate about good handcraft and supreme quality, the best materials always needs to be used", says Marianne Lambersøy, who together with Glen Lambersøy is one of the founders at Embla. "Torhild was very thorough with everything. That is why it was so great to collaborate on these hoodies and T-shirts together with SHIT® and creative director Frode Goa, as we agree on the importance of outstanding quality guidelines and ethics surrounding the production" she elaborates.
Marianne wants to let those who regularly get down over not being able to wear their rosemaling and bunads more often, know that they now finally get the chance to do so. 
The first drop of the SHIT® x EMBLA collection is a T-Shirt and a Hoodie. Following soon is a skateboard deck featuring rosemaling and an expanded range of additions to the collection.
Now available for pre-order (ships from Norway):



© 2020 Helle Navratil Photography | @hellenvratil (


© 2020 Helle Navratil Photography | @hellenvratil (

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