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SHIT® Team Interview: Sander Gard

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


These days we are sitting down for talks with our three sponsorship winners and today was Sander Gards turn for a chat. We asked him about his relationship with skateboarding, his aspirations and more.

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Without Further Ado, Our Interview With Sander

SHIT®: Why did you begin skateboarding?

Sander: The reason I started skateboarding was because my uncle bought me a skateboard for Christmas when I was 6 years old. I didn’t actually start riding on it before I was like 10 or 11 years old when. When I first started it was hard but after a short period of time it felt amazing and I could not stay away from it.

SHIT®: How is the skate community where you live?

Sander: Where I live the skate community is pretty small actually. We only got on like really good Park in the city which is 10-15 minutes from my home. So that’s kind of sucks! But since the community is small all of the skaters are good friend which hangs out a lot. I think it doesn’t matter that the community is small because all of the skaters are really good hyping each other up!

SHIT®: What is your big skateboard dream?

Sander: I don’t actually know what my dream is but it would be fun to go to x-games one day or even compete in contests in another country. But I only skate for fun so my biggest goal is to just have fun while skating and get better every day. Next year my goal is to go to Bryggeriets gymnasium in Malmö. So that would be fun!

SHIT®: How was the reception been after the news of your SHIT sponsorship?

Sander: Absolutely great! I think it’s pretty cool to be on a part of a team like SHIT. Also my friends think it’s cool that I am sponsored now which is good. I also get some funny comments like “ow there is the SHIT kid”. Which I think is pretty funny!

SHIT®: Who is your biggest supporter in skateboarding?

Sander: My uncle or my parents for sure! My uncle have been supporting me since day one and he actually told my how to do my first Ollie. Me and my uncle where on a skate trip together last summer and we visited places like Copenhagen and street dome in Kolding. My parents are also big supporters they drive me everywhere and help me buy shoes and things I need.

SHIT®: What music do you listen to while skateboarding?

Sander: To be honest I don’t actually listen to music when I skate the reason is because I like to hear my wheels roll and hear when I am popping the board. But if I have to choose I would probably say Travis scoot or Tay-K.

SHIT®: What is your favorite SHIT magazine article?

Sander: My favorites are the one whit “seven things you don’t do in skateboarding”. I think that was a very learning article and I learned to don’t forget my wax in the skate park which I do often.

SHIT®: What gifts do you think you get for Christmas?

Sander: That’s a lot to choose from! But I would probably say that some new wheels would be great! My old wheels are flatspoted and so crazy small. I also hope for a new phone because my old phone is destroyed and its almost impossible to edit skate videos which is bad!


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