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SHIT® Team Interview: Jens Anker Hovland

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


We're celebrating christmas with an interview with SHIT® sponsee Jens Anker Hovland. This last week has seen features by our three new SHIT® team additions and sponsorship competition winners. 

Below you will find our interview with Jens. Click here to read the interviews of Aksel Sørum and Sander Gard.






Our Interview With Jens Anker Hovland

Jens Anker Hovland Shit Team Sponsorship Contestant and Winner

SHIT®: Why did you begin skateboarding?

Jens: I started skateboarding when I was seven, the reason I started was because my mom bought me a skateboard. And from that day on I just kept on going. I remember my first kickflip, it was outside my house and I tried it so many times. When I finally landed I was so excited just smiling and screaming in joy.

SHIT®: How is the skate community where you live?

Jens: The community is awesome, right now i’m the event manager for the local club. We probably have the biggest amount of girl skaters in Norway.

SHIT®: What is your big skateboarding dream?

Jens: My biggest dream is to travel around, make new friends, skate, film videos and just be happy😃

SHIT®: Who is your biggest supporter in skateboarding?

Jens: My biggest supporter is my fiancé, no doubt!

SHIT®: What music do you listen to while skateboarding?

Jens: I listen to everything while skating, for example hubbabubbaklubb, Big L, Sex Pistols. Just depends on what im skating and how im skating.

SHIT®: What is your favorite SHIT Magazine article?

Jens: My favorite article is probably The Ban on Skateboarding in Norway, because it’s an awsome story about skating and the progression in Norway

SHIT®: What gifts do you think you get for christmas?

Jens: You never know what you get for christmas, but I’m hoping for a new Shit deck and a new set of trucks.


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