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SHIT® Team Interview: Aksel Sørum

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


As we let the results of our sponsorship competition sink in, the level of excitement here in the SHIT Headquarters keeps rising. During the next week we are going to let you get better known with our 3 sponsees Jens Anker Hovland, Sander Gard and Aksel Sørum. 

Today we sat down with one of the new additions to the SHIT® Team, Aksel Sørum to learn a bit more about him, his relationship with skateboarding and thoughts surrounding the sponsorship. Let's get right to it!






Our Interview With Aksel Sørum

Aksel Sørum from team shit

SHIT®: Why did you begin skateboarding?

Aksel: By coincidence, really. Like two years ago I visited Skur13 in Oslo together with my parents and my cousin from Stavanger. My two older brothers use to skate when I was like 2 years old, and they even got me a Globe plastic board back then. When I visited Skur13, one of the guys working there took the time to help me and gave me some advice. I tried a transition for the first time and I just kept going. A couple of days later my dad bought me a Bird House complete that was my first real skateboard. It was the Tjøme Skategalla 2017, with all the international stars, that fueled me up for sure. The crazy Brazilians made me drop the vert and cheered: We know that feeling bro!

SHIT®: How is the skate community where you live?

Aksel: A lot is happening in and around Oslo. Betong Parks popping up everywhere and Oslo Skate hall have a big vert. I like going to Nøsted in Drammen and Tjøme in the summer. The community have been really important to me. Without the advice from pro skaters like Espen Røed, Pontus Bjørn, Øystein Greni and vert skaters like Eirik Ellefsen and Christian Engfeldt and manye more, I would probably not have started skating the big transitions. The crew at Oslo Skate Hall and the skaters at Tjøme always bring new tricks and variations. It’s like a big family!

SHIT®: What is your big skateboarding dream?

Aksel: To skate with the biggest starts at a pro level. Vans park series. Travel USA and through out the world visiting spots and parks. It would be really fun to compete for the national team at some time. That’s the big dreams.

SHIT®: How has the reception been after the news of your SHIT Sponsorship?

Aksel: It was crazy! Suddenly neighbors and lots of people knew that I was skating. And the community voted for me. When I go skating now everyone congratulates me. I am really looking forward to represent SHIT® Skateboarding company.

SHIT®: Who is your biggest supporter in skateboarding?

Aksel: My dad! My main sponsor. Ha, ha. Both my mum and dad picked up skating at the same time as me. In Vacation and weekends the family go to skateparks and they understand and appreciate the same thing as me.

SHIT®: What music do you listen to while skateboarding?

Aksel: When skating with older vert guys their music sneaks up on you! So 80s and old hiphop. Eirik Ellefsen always makes spotitfy playlists with music from movies like Karate Kid, To Gun, Rocky, Trashin.

SHIT®: What is your favorite SHIT Magazine article?

Aksel: The history of skateboarding. How it all started. Skateboarding at the 2020 Olympics. It will be kinda strange and fun.

SHIT®: And finally, what gifts do you think you get for christmas?

Aksel: Money. I really want to go back to USA and skate. And Airpods and box fresh skating gear.

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