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SHIT® Sponsorship Competition - Important Update

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


For the last ten days, SHIT® Skateboard Company received admissions for our SHIT® Sponsorship Competition, a virtual contest where young skateboarders from all over the world send their best tricks and moves in video to show the skateboarding community that they are the next big deal in this sport.

We want to encourage new skateboarders into the professional world that makes part of our global community. That’s why we’re giving away two SHIT® Skateboard Company sponsorships. The winners will also receive our premium quality American-made SHIT® Decks, and will be featured in their own SHIT® Friday Flicks Specials, a space to show the hottest tricks on the web each week.







What Happens Next In The Competition

Submissions were open for the competition until November 26. We have decided to announce two winners: one of them will be chosen directly by SHIT®, and the other one will be selected by you and all the skateboarding community.

For all contestants: check our website and social media to know about the rules of the next phase of this competition. The official announcement of the rules will be made next Saturday 30, during our Black Weekend. Also, be sure to check the limited run sales and special price promotions that we will have for you during this weekend.


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Enter to win a free skateboard deck by clicking here


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Sly maluya January 04, 2020

im 16 years old im from philippines and i love skating everyday

Jake Neering January 22, 2020

My name is Jake Neering!
I am a 32 year old full time student and full time dishwasher. I have been skating since I was 13. I built my own park, and was sponsored by a local shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan named Premiere skateshop!

I would love to trade time/ skate footage for offers! Thanks!
Anton April 12, 2020

G’day -
My name is Anton, I’m 13 years old, I’m from Denmark and I love to skate!
I would like you to sponsor me. Even though I might not be the best skater in the world, I keep progressing every day and enjoy skating even more and more.
I understand if you don’t want to sponsor a 13-year-old boy somewhere in Denmark, but I think it would be really good because you have the chance to see me progressing and maybe help me on the way. I would be really stoked if you would send me somethings (t-shirts, decks) I would make me really happy and make me look forward to progressing.
Hope to hear from you soon
Best regards
Anton Fog
“Sponsor me” tape coming soon if you want to see it.

art Lyfe June 21, 2020

Hello I would love to partner with you on hosting a skate-ton to help raise awareness for children suffering during these trying times. If would love to speak with you in more detail if you are interested in be part of such an event..

Look forward to hearing back from you..

Al Hugigns

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