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SHIT PODCAST #9 - John Motta
Join us in our ninth interview on our YouTube channel! Today with the American pro skater John Motta.

In this ninth edition of the SHIT®️ podcast, we talked with John Motta, a street skateboarder from Glendale, Arizona. Motta is 32 and has lived a long life as a skater. He is supported by Skate Mental, Bones Wheels, Rawr! and collaborates with A Happy Medium. Besides enjoying skateboarding, he has also his own project as an artist called Petrafind.  

Come and join John's interview! He talked with us about what he thinks about skateboardings development nowadays, how he started in this world, what he cares most about, finding a spot or preparing for a trick and his bigger inspirations to skate. Don’t miss this amazing interview!
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