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SHIT PODCAST #5: Max Barrera


Join us in our fifth interview on our brand new YouTube channel, today with the Mexican pro skater Max Barrera.

In this edition of the SHIT Podcast, we talked with Max Barrera, a pro skateboarder from Mexico. Barrera is sponsored by Vans, Hysteria Trucks and Yoyo Bearings. He's been skating for more than 30 years and can see how skateboarding has evolved in each decade. He participated from 2000 to 2010 in different contests like X Games, Dam Am, Globe World Cup, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Argentine, Costa Rica and California. He also plays bass in the punk rock band Colt 1328.

Come and join Max's interview, he shares with us his experience of how he became a pro and traveled around the world with the skateboard by his side and under his feet.

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