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SHIT®️ PODCAST #10: Jordan Maxham

Join us in our number #10 podcast interview on our YouTube channel! Today with American pro Jordan Maxham.

We can't believe that this is our tenth edition of the SHIT®️ podcast! This time we talk with Jordan, a professional skateboarder from Vermont. Maxham is sponsored by Blind Skateboards, Talent Skatepark, Raw Rolling Papers, Grizzly, JHF Hats, Skate Sauce, Footprint Insoles, Cabot Cheese, Keen Ramps, Glassy Sunhaters and Ricta Wheels. He's made huge appearances on Thrasher, We Are Blood, Transworld, The Berrics and more. 

Come and join Jordan's interview! He talks with us about skateboarding, pro tips to skate better, what he thinks about the sport and how Maxham became a pro skateboarder himself. He told us everything about his experience in the film "We Are Blood" and sent a cool message to follow your dreams; "If you really want to accomplish your goals, never say no." Don’t miss out on this amazing interview!

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