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SHIT ®️ Podcast #15: Jean Carlos Arias

In this fifteenth edition of the SHIT®️ podcast
, we share an amazing moment with Jean Carlos Arias. This great skateboarder is located in Bogota, Colombia and has represented the country with his style and consistency to skate. Arias is sponsored by One Way Skateboards, Perla Wheels and Flow Griptape, for more than 20 years he has been skating and having fun on the board. Watch his video part called "Living It Up" and enjoy this talk about the Colombian skate culture.

On this special SHIT®️ podcast, Jeanca talk with us about his career. How everything started when he traveled to compete at Tampa AM and his first sponsors as well as what he thinks about the skateboarding community and what he likes most about teaching and sharing his passion for this action sport with others. Don't miss this amazing talk with him!

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