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Sergio Yuppie: The King Of Downhill

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Sergio Yuppie, professional Brazillian skateboarder and adrenaline junkie, has been skateboarding for over 20 years and has won 21 unterrupted victories! Since 1990, Sergio Marcelino de Melo AKA “Yuppie”, has never lost a championship in his specialty, the downhill slide. He is a five times world champion in the genre, seven times Brazilian champion and also a Canadian champion.

He lives with his wife and 3 children whom are also following the Kings footsteps and are already being called “the future of downhill slide”. Recently a short documentary titled "The King of Downhill Slide" was released, which displays all of the amazing stunts this dude was able to pull off and how he ended up becoming the king!

Sergio tells the story of how he traded his bicycle as a kid to one of his neighbours for a brand new skateboard, he didn't think twice to complete the transaction and he has always been on a board ever since. The respect this man has for skateboarding is impressive, he states that he sees no difference among styles and that all skateboarding is the same since it brings the same joy for those who practice it.


The Documentary

The 12 minute short film was recording with the assistance of Yuppie’s sponsor ABEC 11 wheels, Sergio was traveling to California to record a skateboarding video and he told his sponsor he was in the mood for something bigger, given the fact that they were in hollywood and had access to the best shooting equipment, he wanted to be able to leave a record of his story in skateboarding.

Its is definitely an upgrade from a regular skateboarding tape, productions went all out and provided Yuppie what he wanted to get, the best way to mark his name on the throne, all of the footage was recorded in Hollywood, Laguna and Venice Beach's downhill spots where you can really see his skills shine in crazy high speeds and always a smile on his face. That is one of the most particular things about the dude, you can really see how he loves and enjoys skateboarding, he does not have any interest in fame money or possession, he just wants to have fun, and he has stayed true to his own self throughout his entire career, his humbleness and passion made him the king!







A Man With His Head On the Ground

Yuppie became very popular for the many tricks he invented in the process of becoming a champion in the sport, one of the more impressive ones is where he slides down a hill and puts his helmet to the ground creating an amazing unreal sensation as you see sparks coming out of this guys helmet. He recalls in a recent interview with Red Bull how the stunt one time almost turned into a nightmare as he didn't realize he wasn't wearing a helmet but only a cap! Crazy SHIT®! Luckily he realized in time and things did not get serious.

He will tell you first hand how this trick was inspired by his favorite skater at the time Fernandinho 'Batman' and how he got everyones attention after he taped and sparked up a smashed beer can onto his helmet to make history.

The man is also the creator of “layback” which is also known as a “Sergio slide” in his honor. The trick consists of a frontside slide performed while riding downhill when you place your uphill hand on the ground behind the tail of your board and break the rear wheels out of traction. From here you can rotate 180 degrees, swing a pendulum, or hold the slide at 90 degrees and thrust your pelvis upward to unweight the board, resulting in a longer slide. Like all hands-down slides, this trick requires slide gloves to be executed due to the amount of speed involved, “Maneuvers deserve applause, style deserves respect” says Yuppie, and this is exactly what he gets from the crowd when attempting this amazing SHIT®.


ABEC 11 And Yuppie

Yuppies main sponsor releases a set of specialized downhill tech wheels that will endure any stunts the guy wants to make, they were special designs for his own use since other wheels worn out like crazy, his team developed the perfect combination of wheel profile, core, and durometer which provided the highest speed ride with the smoothest possible slide. And best of all, no “flatspotting” which makes it the perfect choice for asphalt and concrete alike.


Wheel specs

60mm TechSlides by ABEC 11

Wheel Diameter: 60mm

Contact Patch: 23mm

Bearing Seat: Centerset (CS)

Wheel Width: 38mm

Lip Profile: Round

Urethane Formula: Classic Tech

Durometer: 100a


Planting The Seed For The Future

Yuppie keeps on skating every day and even set up his own specialized skate shop called Curva De Hill (@curvadehill on instagram) located in the hills of Florianópolis which he runs along with his kids and wife...

Yuppie is truly an inspiration, every word that comes out of his mouth will give you chills and the way his story is told shows just how incredible this guy is and why he is called The king of downhill slide, he explains that his friends gave him the name and that he figured he had to live up to it and started winning downhill slide competitions remaining undefeated to this date, once he realized that he IS the king, he decided to keep it on his skin as a tattooed memoir of his well earned greatness.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, you can find Yuppie’s documentary below, so don't go wasting time and look it up, you won't regret it!


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