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Sandro Dias Skates On a Bridge 45 Meters High in Sao Paulo

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Sandro Dias, 44, did some daredevil shit performing a fearless stunt on the Estaiadinha Bridge in Sao Paulo. Using a curved structure on the suspension bridge tower to function as a halfpipe he performed turns, small jumps and even some tricks. 


Sandro's Great Career as a Vert Skateboarder

Sandro is a professional vert skateboarder born in Santo André, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He started to skate in 1986 and became pro in 1995. Known more because of his high alley pop air tricks and being one of the few who pulled off the 900. In his career he won 3 gold medals (two in the Vert category and one for Vert Best Trick), 4 silver medals and 2 from bronze. In 2011 he had his sixth world vert skateboarding titles. He had a great career and this stunt is just another thing we must add to his legacy.






Daredevil Stunt in Sao Paulo

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

Sandro Dias, known as Mineirinho, carried out the stunt in 2019. The footage was filmed by Red Bull, and believe us when we say it is like no other thing you have ever seen. The makeshift ramp was ten feet wide and 20 feet high, a very narrow space to skate if you asks us, at that elevation anything could happen. Dias himself said the ramp almost becomes a tightrope, being a little over ten feet (three meters).

The clip shows how this veteran skateboarder jump over a fence at the top of the suspension bridge, followed by him climbing up a narrow space inside the tower to get to the makeshift halfpipe. He stands at the top of the structure made of concrete like it is nothing, with cars passing just below him. Then, he starts to skate back and forth along that narrow ramp that makes people get vertigo. He later would say that performing at that altitude was more about the mind that anything else, and to be honest that sounds like nothing else but the pure truth.

This crazy stunt was done to promote Virada Cultura, a Sao Paulo festival. He has been a pro skater for 25 years, and making this stunt at his current age just shows that if you have the skills combined with joy and motivation, there is nothing you can not do. Maybe you won’t skate a vert ramp over a bridge, but who knows.




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