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San Antonio: Skateboarding The Corner Of The Texas Triangle

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Skating in Texas began almost simultaneously with the newborn scene in CA in the 70s since the sport spread out fast enough through the entire nation and the world!

It is really difficult to point out exactly where it all begun for Texas, but some of the most avid and old school skaters of the scene have taken into their hands to portrait Texas skate history by gathering pictures and sharing their anecdotes from the late ’70s and mid-’80s which they call the “Texas Style” from back in the day, some of the names attached to old pictures are Ken O, AW, SteveK, Garrison P, to name a few.

They were the first ones to set up plans for Texas' first known skatepark called Bent Cement in Big Spring, a couple of pools some ramps and a milestone for Texas skateboarding, we recommend you visit the “Texas Style skateboarding” website where you can find a massive photo gallery portraying the names above and their influences in this particular part of the US.


Skateboarding: Art

Photo: Chris Hansen (Unsplash)

One of the most noted personalities in San Antonio’s scene is Paul Francis, owner of Alta Vista Skateshop, a place known, recognized and discussed by many people not only in the skateboarding but in the art industry as well.

He explains nostalgically how he turned his passion into a business and how he was always influenced by art when it came to his skateboarding, the skate shop and T-shirt screen printing business showcases mostly local skateboard companies and many of his creations are a result of collaborations with local artists.

He is determined to provide local skaters with a home where they can express themselves by collaborating and developing the art he is then going to showcase on his decks and T-shirts for the delight of the local community.

Back in 2018, the shop got plenty of attention by putting up a showroom with repurposed skateboards turned into pieces of art, the event was held to raise funds for “Roy Maas Youth Alternatives”.






In Pauls words: "If skateboarding is going to help them, if having a skateboard is going to give them some happiness I'd love to help out in that way,".

San Antonio-based skateboard companies such as Southtown Skateboards, Norwood Skateboards, Dirty Boyz Apparel, Elevate Skate Co. and Cat Palace craft their own decks with the help of local artists showcases and collabs, add in a growing number of public skate parks, and the skateboarding scene in S.A. shows no signs of slowing down.

Dudettes Waving The Skateboarding Flag in S.A

Photo: Chris Hansen (Unsplash)

One of the most important approaches to skateboarding in current years has to be inclusiveness and the impact it has in our communities, a great example is being portrayed by San Antonio’s Girl skateboarding scene.

Dudettes have been setting up all-girls skateboarding events making an entire generation of female skaters to be born by creating events such as the “All Girls Skate Jam” held in Pearsall Park. An event created and promoted through social media by Star Lozano, 18, and Lilly Goodale, 20. Two girls that decided to take into their hands to organize and gather an entire community of skateboarding girls in the San Antonio area.

Organizers all pitched in to buy everything for the event like food, drinks, and various supplies and after the event became popular in social media Local companies like Schlaudie Skate Co., Ugly Skateboards and Full Send Wax reached out to Goodale to send products for the event.

They even got in contact with Michael Burnett, photographer at Thrasher Magazine who sent a package of Thrasher shirts and other items to give out at the event!

With this event, they are reaching out to girls not only in S.A but in the entire world to be aware that there are many of them and to stick together and know that they will be there to help and to not be afraid to learn, go out and hit the skateparks!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, SHIT® will continue to explore the skateboarding scene throughout the states and the world so we can all see how skateboarding is at the prime of it's life!



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