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Ryusei Ouchi: The Blind Japanese Breaking Barriers in Skateboarding

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Ryusei Ouchi is a young man from Japan that has been blind since he was 7 years old, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying skateboarding just as any regular kid. To skate, he uses a white cane so he can feel any physical surface crossing his path. His amazing history shows how everyone can skate if the passion is strong enough.


Ryusei Ouchi: Becoming The Master of His Own Fate

This 19 year old guy loves skateboarding, feeling the excitement of doing tricks and jumping ramps, a sport full of adrenaline. He had an infection that took his eyesight, but still goes to a local skate park in Towkorozawa at the north of Tokyo to skate all night. Riding through the park, grinding, and even performing some tricks. Ryusei has impressed the local skater community earning a big number of followers in social media.

He is aware of the dangers that skating like this can have, but he knows that even if he wasn’t blind it will always pose risks, that’s life. When he turned 15, his visión started deteriorating really fast, so he realized he wanted to develop his skills as fast as he could before it was too late and his eyesight was gone.


Expressing Himself Through Skateboarding

For him, skating with his friends is a way for expressing himself. He goes several times a week to practice. Knowing that learning to skate is a long process, he eventually established a good mental image of his surroundings, this allows him to make more tricks. Nowadays he amaze and inspire skaters around the world, proving that there really are no limits, Ouchi has made clear that skateboarding is for everyone, everywhere.

Skateboarding will be at the Olympics the next year in his city, and he expects someday that there will be a skateboarding event in the paralympics so he can participate and show the entire world his great skills on top of the board.

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