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Rumours Keep On Coming: New Tony Hawk Game This Year?

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


We are pretty sure that you are fully aware of the impact that these games have had in most of our skateboarding lives, ever since 1999 Hawk created almost a cult for his skateboarding franchises, and although there were previous skateboarding related games before that, none of them has gotten as close as the Hawk’s franchises to move millions of people into a virtual skateboarding world of a 1000 layers! Some of the biggest names in the industry have also been a part of the franchises as playable characters and the soundtrack of the games is also very popular in the way it reflects skateboarding and translates it into music for the specific era or year in which each game is released, a fantastic approach! You feel fully immersed in the skateboarding scene of the year of the game you are playing which is something very few games have been able to do, and you can really go back in time for an hour or two if you play some of the old stuff.

The last release we were able to enjoy from Tony was back in 2018 with his “Skate Jam” dedicated to mobile platforms, but there has been a serious gap in the console skateboarding games since there has been no release after “Pro Skater 5” and “Skate 3” which is also really awaiting a reboot!


Is a New Release On The Way?


For the past few weeks, the online skateboarding community has been going crazy with rumors of a new release of Hawk’s franchise, rumors started based on one of the latest Activision's financial reports in which it clearly reads that 2 games were going to be released this year for 2 of their most famous franchises! The internet blew up and speculation started to come up, but it is almost unanimous among the community that a new Pro Skater is one of them.

A new game is in the making according to pro skater Jason Dill, who claims that EA got in contact with him to ask him to be a part of the game as he mentioned in an interview for The Nine Club, Lizzie Armanto and the Australian punk band The Death Set, have been saying the same since March of this year, it seems that a Facebook post the band made saying that “they had licensed five new songs to a Tony Hawk 2020 game and that fans would be hearing the music soon” the post got taken down by the band after seemingly noticing that it was way too early to be announced.





There are also rumors out there that all of the buzz is going to be killed (HAHA!) since people are mentioning that the 2020 release will not be a full-on new delivery but an actual remake of Hawks previous games, which will not be a bad thing but certainly a bummer for those who are expecting new SHIT®!


Let the Skateboarding Games Wars Begin!


As you may know by now Skater XL IS scheduled and confirmed already to be released this year, there is also a talk of a reboot of SKATE 3 for mobile (JUST FREAKING MAKE SKATE 4 ALREADY) and now this! We don't have any certainty yet, but my dudes and dudettes, it is going to be a great year for skateboarding video games, we can tell you that much! Keep an eye out for this SHIT®!

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