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Rumors Grow: SKATE 4 On The Way?

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


One of the best contributions the virtual world has made to skateboarding has been the videogame franchises that have provided us with some of the best moments while being at home, especially during a world pandemic! A lot of us got to dust out the old consoles and classic games to immerse ourselves in the fantastic world of skateboarding videogames.

Many games have been released over the years even before consoles like the PS1 came along, Nintendo and ATARI, had a couple of games that did not make much impact, then came the 2000’s when the skateboarding bubble really burst in the entire world not only as a discipline that people would practice but also as a huge money-making industry that reached the most isolated corners of the world.

Some kids were not allowed to skate as parents saw skateboarding as a dangerous activity and even one that could lead kids to the wrong path. But kids wanted skateboarding in their lives and some even had to settle with just getting a fingerboard and playing the videogames before they were able to set foot on an actual skateboard.

Many of them now skates thanks to the huge impact these videogames made on the skateboarding industry and it seems that they will continue doing so.

A Great Year For Videogames

2020 has taken a lot of things from us, for one, the ability to be able to go out and skate wich is something that most of us consider essential! But it has also given us many others in this particular field, as you might know by now, multiple releases coming up this year! from Skate XL tot he reboot of the first two deliveries of the THPS franchises already have a release date, however, a lot of people have been waiting for one thing for almost a decade now, the release of the 4th sequel of the SKATE franchise.







This game has probably been the direct competition to the THPS games since its first release in 2007 becoming one of the favorites in this particular genre for kids all over the world. The game revolutionized and made a huge impact by its analog stick system which was on the works long before any graphics were even considered, the system gave a more “realistic” approach to the feel of doing a trick than some of the other games that had been previously released.

The game evolved and added more features and improvement in the playability, control system and graphics, it gained much popularity and its still almost neck to neck with the THPS franchises when it comes to the best skateboarding games but we have not seen an attempt of the studios of having a new skate game since 2010 when SKATE 3 came out! what’s up with that?!

Rumors Or The Real Deal?

The internet skateboarding communities started sparking up rumors of a sequel since early this year and the SHIT® spiked up tremendously as just a few days ago (most specifically June 4th) Skate 3's online servers came back online, Electronic Arts did not pronounce a word about the happening giving it no importance, but some people state that this is a strategy that is just intended to spark up a flame that lucky for them, has never been off.

Is this a light of hope or EA is just playing with us?

2020 has revived an interest in the genre that many companies are looking out to fulfill, again, with many new releases on the work, the studios might just be letting the interest grow until they finally drop the bomb on us.

There are also many rumors that that SKATE 3 will be relaunched this year for mobile devices, something that the studios have been doing for a while now with other titles (with not much success) but enough is enough! The community is demanding a new full-on delivery of a skateboarding game and not a reboot! (we are looking at you Tony)

Again, this might all be just rumors that the internet is very good at spreading, what do you think? Could there be a new SKATE in future years?


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