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Rob Dyrdek: Skateboarding TV Star Millionaire

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 

Born in Kettering Ohio, Robert Stanley Dyrdek is a multimillionaire professional skateboarder, he is also an actor, reality TV star, producer and entrepreneur.

He began his pro skating career at the age of 12, the guy has worked and been sponsored by many companies such as DC Shoes with whom he worked for from 1995 until 2016, he also created Alien Workshop which he eventually was able to purchase back after he made enough money on his post-skateboarding career!

He is now recognized for the insane amount of records he was able to set which include 46 consecutive front side ollies, 15 heelflips in 1 minute, 22 Nollie kick-flips in 1 minute, and longest stationary manual!


Street League Skateboarding

This is one of Dyrdek’s biggest contributions to the skateboarding world, it was founded back in 2010 by himself and Brian Atlas.

Rob saw many flaws in the way contests were structured and decided to take it upon himself to make the improvements he considered necessary to have a skateboarding event of the highest quality and also one that was going to get him his money’s worth!

It is no surprise for anyone that Dyrdek is a “Do or Die-er” as he calls himself and a very avid moneymaker! Since then the event has become one of the most recognized skateboarding events and is currently the one that has the BIGGEST money prize in skateboarding contests history, $200.000!!! That’s right my dudes 200k you could get if you meet the standards and stand out as the best street skateboarder in the competition, which safe to say that it will probably make you also the best in the world!








Skaters must impress judges and get points at each pre-championship round! Only 8 top-ranked skateboarders will compete in the final event which consists of 90-minute round heats, and if you succeed, you could go home with the 200k, piece of cake right?! HAHA!

The event is currently considered one of the main filters to achieve success in skateboarding and even became one of the main qualifying paths for skaters to be able to compete and be a part of the Skateboarding event introduced into the World Olympic Games.

Rob has many business ventures such as a skating shop, a body spray line, a toy company, and a record label, but most of his income comes from his TV shows for the roles he played in Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, Rob and Big and Ridiculousness. Just from one episode, he was able to earn more than 30k!! A SHIT®️ load of money!

This guy is far from being stopped, he is even working right now on a healthy munching snack which is intended to dethrone any other snacks that according to Dyrdek (and doctors) are bad for your health! So my dude or dudette, go ahead and drop that bag of greasy Doritos and check some of Dyrdek’s healthy munch that has been tested and approved by Snoop Dogg himself! Some tasty SHIT®️ that’s got to be!



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