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Rita Ishizuka: The 3-Year-Old Skater Blowing Up The Internet

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine


Rita has become an internet sensation in the past few months, as his Instagram account (managed and created by parents) went viral in a very short amount of time, the smiling 3-year-old boy shows his motivation and strength by attempting SHIT® that will scare the hell of a beginner just coming out os his skateboarding shell, but what’s amazing is to see how he does not stop and does not shed a tear in spite of the many falls he takes in the short videos featured on the IG account that now has over 190k followers from all over the world!! Something most of us could not even dream of.

Fans of the little dude encourage his development trough their comments and support on the social media platform where people could become famous overnight wether is due to real talent of just for the goofiness of it, one thing is for sure, the kid has a talent for skateboarding, just the fact that he is able to ride the board, go down transitions, ride down staircases and jump from big heights (if you consider his small size) is something every skater should show some respect to!

One of the coolest aspects of the videos is that Ishizuka always finishes with a big smile on his face and no matter how many times he falls, he is always willing to get up and try again! This, his fans say, is one thing that even motivates them as rookies to continue! This kid has learned one of the first and main principles of skateboarding on a very short lifetime!





A Wonder In The Making

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, the kid was introduced to skateboarding by his 2 older brothers, that first got him to hop on a skateboard and started pushing him off transitions and similar obstacles, shortly after, YouTuber Luis Mora (whos channel is focused on capturing the thriving skateboarding scene in japan) started to document the daily life of the young boy until his parents took over the task and started managing the kid’s career.

Rita is already a big star all over the world and word on the street is that many skateboarding companies are already looking to have the kid using their brand and logo, maybe even help the young star develop his skills and plant the seed of a future skateboarding star! But right now, Rita is focused on his fun!


Source/ instagram

He is definitely in the best part of the skateboarding learning process and his improvement grows daily! We cant wait to see what this kid will be doing by the age of 10! To the amazement and the dislike of some, we will probably be able to see this kids first ollie or first kickflip on a live stream, something that has never been done before and that makes us realize how much times have changed from when skaters became famous back on the days! Welcome to the digital age! The future is now old man!

Now, all that it takes is to have any recording device for you to be able to get your image all over the world in a matter of seconds!

What do you think about this? Do you think that social media is a beneficial self-promotional tool? or the 1-minute display of skills is taking the life out of disciplines like skateboarding? Let us know! We would live to hear it from you!



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