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Rise Against The Skatestoppers

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Skateboarding has long been a struggle in Bristol because of ledges and benches. The city have metallic knobs attached to parts in the street to prevent skateboarders from using them, these are called skatestoppers. These metallic things are called Skatestoppers, and for some, “skater-haters”.


How the Skatestoppers Nonsense started

They were originated in America and start appearing a lot in Bristol city more or less 15 years ago. One of it’s manufacturers said that such metallic nonesense are devices which prevent urban spaces from becoming “a practice ground for disruptive and destructive activity”. The stoppers go from cumbersome metal clamps fitted in the ledges, to unobtrusive and abrasive edges on smooth granite benches. The stoppers are placed so high in some places that is practically impossible to skate anyway.

These stoppers are for protection. Avoiding scratches on the ledges and wax that skateboarders put on them, just because some people argue that wax leaves a stain on the ledges. Nevertheless, not everyone is trying to stop skateboarding in the city. A lot of people also loves watching skaters.


Every Skater Against The Skatestoppers

If you skate and find some of this nonesense in your city, rise against, support the freedom and right to excercise your bodies and enjoying individuality in the public space. It is a form of expression that attracts people everywhere in the world. They can say skateboarding is a loud activity, but cities are loud places, aren’t they? The wheels screeching on polished floors is just another thing added to the plaza as performative space.

Being in support of protecting every ledge in the city is against the flux of the cityand stops the dynamic environment of it. When an object is placed in a public space, it dependes on their citizens to choose how to interact with it, and adapt to it like skateboraders do. So fuck skatestoppers, go skateboarders.

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