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Ricky Glaser: Most Kickflips Record Holder

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.



Stance: Regular

Country: Australia

Instagram: @rickyglaser

Sponsors: Folklore Skateboards, Vans Australia, Independent trucks, Locality Store, Ricta Wheels, Bronson Speed Co Bearings.

Skating for over 20 years, Australian skateboarder Ricky Glazer decided to attempt the most kickflips in one minute, reaching 36 kickflips in total! This happened back in 2012 and there is no current footage of someone else breaking this record, today, we are daring YOU to attempt this and become the next record holder!


The Kickflip

This trick is considered to be a “Graduation” for skateboarders and is usually the first flip trick you will learn when you start skateboarding, most people think that this trick was invented by Rodney Mullen (link) (mistakenly) but the trick was actually invented by freestyle skateboarding legend Curt Lindgren in 1978 , however, Mullen made the trick evolve and become what we know now as a kickflip so he should still get credits for it.

One thing is for sure, it is not an easy task to pull off one of these babies, it takes a lot of time, preparation and practice to get a clean flip.

Grazer could be considered a master in this trick, in the 1 minute video you can see the guy doing flip after flip like it was no biggie, this is achieved thanks to muscle memory (a term you might want to get familiar with) once your muscles get used to a certain motion like the ones necessary to complete any trick, it comes almost as natural as walking or waving, and this is on of the most important skills to develop in skateboarding and the best thing is that your body and brain will do it without you even noticing it!

After plenty of practice, your body will get used to these motions and allow you to complete such a big achievement as the one Ricky was able to get.






Glaser’s Side Skills

Apart from being an avid skateboarder, Glaser is a professional poker player, and he is pretty damn good, so much so that the gig even got him to travel across the world for many years, glazer came to a realization after some time that he was leaving skateboarding behind and decided to find a balance between the 2 skills he is best known for.

In an interview with Ricky says that apart from missing his country he missed skateboarding and decided to put more of his energy into it, “All I wanted to do was get better at skating and film SHIT® and have fun. I was reignited. I was still sponsored by Folklore but hadn’t really been doing much and didn’t have any other sponsors. But after that period of honing my passion with skating again, I got a bunch of new sponsors and was starting to get better than I was before, doing new tricks and filming heaps.”

He even states that he does not recommend people to get into gambling, he states that being a professional poker player could consume most of your time due to the amount of skills that need to be learned, he states the lifestyle is cool and all but definitely not as cool as being a professional skateboarder!

Grazer has been pretty active #Skatingfromhome as most of us have and recently posted a video on May 16th mentioning that he was now able to hit the streets and skate in his country, he has been uploading videos on his social media and youtube channel and the dude still has pretty sick skills. Will he ever attempt to break his own record or maybe set a new one? How many kickflips do YOU think you can do in 1 minute? Are you up for the challenge?




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