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Richie Jackson: The True Meaning of Skateboard Originality

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


It’s not common to see a skateboarder treating the street not as an obstacle course but as an extension of his skateboard without altering any surroundings, and it's even less common an adaptable skater with a hair and a moustache that looks like he is born in the wrong generation. The hippie skateboarder Richie Jackson makes you say “dude, what the hell”, but in a good way, demonstrating you can do anything on top of your skateboard.


The Amazing Richie Jackson Show

The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboarding Show

Richie is a guy that doesn’t think with too much logic about the tricks or stunts he makes. In an interview he said “The tricks kinda have a will of their own; you just have to be there to make them exist”. Thit phrase shows how he developes his creativity, letting the ideas flow in his mind and keeps them on stand by until the correct moment appears. In order for that to happen he spends a lot of time finding spots untill he see the ideal one. Richie is in Richie’s world, fitting in anyplace.






The Art and The Real Culture Behind Skateboarding

He appreciates the beginning of skateboarding, the sixties and the seventies, back then the hippie movement and skateboarding didn’t get along. Although they have similarities, like they don’t want conflict or fight with anybody and just want to enjoy life and be themselves. Richie really believe in the merging of both, and it’s what he try to do nowdays being a hippie skateboarder. The Salvador Dali’s inspirational moustache reflects an artistic sense he tries to show through his skateboarding. Feeling a great connection with music also being a huge fan of Lou Reed and David Bowie, other people that in a way are like him, artists inspiring people in their own way.

Richie Jackson Skateboard Originality

He is so into the skateboarding that he has unspoken rules for skating. One of them is not using wax for absolutely anything, he is a true philosopher of skateboarding believing in a true essence within skate, where you can’t alter anything in the environment and just follow the street flow. To him, and in his words anyone who does it is a “huge kook”.

Skateboarding style has a new meaning with Richie Jackson. Being part of the culture, going further than the creation of new tricks or finding new places just because, the originality is shown in personality and skateboarding perception rather than only in the way of skating, maybe the type of originality skateboard culture needed to be fresh once more.


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