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Pros Take Skateboarding to Indigenous Youth
By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


“Skateboarding has given us so much. We just want to spread the message. We don’t want to see more youth struggle with mental health, suicide. We want them to be happy, active and empowered”, said Rosie Archie, a member of Nations Skate Youth to the Standard-Freeholder media.

The crew is composed of five people: Tristan, Adam, Archie, Dustin who is with Altimers Skateboards Team and Joe Buffalo who is with Buffalo Colonialism Skateboards, both as pro skaters.


They have been traveling around the USA to share skateboarding knowledge and help the youth to find a passion, something that could help them to aim high and maybe if they’re good at it, become professional skaters.

The crew starts as a result of the difficulties with the mental health of the indigenous youth. Nations Skate Youth was looking for opportunities to fortify the youth's minds using skateboarding as a tool to help them.

They want to increase the chances for them to be in sound health mentally, with social work like gifting them skateboards and teaching them how to skate. They finally got to be known by the American community and they have been supported by each skater that met their social project.






A Social Project For The Youth


They wanted to bring hope to youth who shouldn't be ashamed of being indigenous, but rather who should be proud and feel able to do whatever they want, and if they can do that with skateboarding they can do that with every other purpose or goal as well.

To get support for their project, they announced that they would be taking donations and are really close to getting to their goal. They are also receiving old decks and parts of skateboards to finally carry it to others who will love to learn about skateboarding.

Buffalo said that skateboarding saved his life and made him the person he is today, a proud skateboarding indigenous, so he wants to inspire youth to do the same.

You don’t have to stop believing in your traditions to be a skateboarder, you just need to feel deep in your soul, that you don’t want to feel scared anymore, or at least that you want to confront your biggest fears, everyone have them, but with skateboarding close to you, you will confront them.

No matter what choices any youth wants to take, what really matters is that everyone can feel proud of what they are and where they come from. Don be ashamed to go out and find the answers on your own.



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