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Propeller: A VANS Skateboarding Movie

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Of course we all know Vans, if you don't, shame on you! Just kidding, if you don't, you will for sure know them by the end of this article in which we intend to shed a light on one of the most awaited videos in skateboarding history.

Vans is well known for being arguably one of the first skateboarding brands out there to specialize in products and apparel for the practice of this discipline, developing and merging their products with the aesthetic and full feel of a sunny California skateboarding session.

It has been a HUGE influence in everything related to the skateboarding culture, from building skateparks, creating and sponsoring the best and biggest events related to skateboarding and even putting together events like the Warped Tour, that since 1996 has been giving dudes and dudettes the opportunity to enjoy alternative and heavy punk rock bands, all managed in a skateboarding fueled environment, becoming one of the most famous events the brand is known for.

Vans has never been stuck when it comes to figuring out what's coming next, in fact, they have set the standards for many of their competitors in the industry when it comes to the release of new apparel and skateboarding gear, it is basically one of the “big boys” of skateboarding, and it will continue to be so for many years to come!

So, how come they have only released their first skateboarding video after 49 years in business by 2015?! we like to think that they just didn't have a need for it. These guys have already provided enough to the skateboarding culture to worry about something like a film! Which funnily enough, is the way that almost every skateboarding brand use to promote their products and get them out there, sponsor someone and have them show off their new kicks on a video, well, Vans is just THAT big.




We are pretty sure that is not the case, but how are we supposed to know that! But dudes and dudettes, as they say, “good things take time” and after 4 years in the making, director Greg Hunt took it into his hands to honor one of the biggest brands in skateboarding to complete this ambitious project to get “PROPELLER: A Vans Skateboarding Video” out for every skater in the world to enjoy.

“The potential to make a skate film and to have every generation of skateboarding in one film is something I thought could be really special”

This small quote from Hunt regarding the video will give you some insight into what this whole SHIT® is about, EVERY GENERATION IN ONE FILM, this is something only Vans could be able to accomplish, a tour around the most iconic spots in the world with the biggest names showcasing their best skills, yes, this is something you CAN'T miss.

Eastern Europe, Paris, England, Spain, Australia, Tanzania, New Zeland and China are some of the countries featured along with the most iconic spots in Los Angeles, Shanghai, London and New York, so a pretty complete tour is what you get on the film.

One of the most exciting things of this film is the fact that you can see pioneers along with the youngbloods at the time, which is something you don't get to see every day in almost any sport! Having the heavy weights along with the rookies head to head in an amazing display of skill, sharing spots, knowledge and learning from one another, this is one of the things that make the film UNIQUE in it's kind and it puts it right there on top with some of the oldest and most famous releases out there like The Bones Brigade Video Show (1984) or Plan B’s – Questionable (1992)


The Team

With 22 guys on the team, it was not an easy task to orchestrate the films parts, the director says some of the “legends” were not able to shoot as often as the youngbloods that were out there almost every day shooting by the time the film was almost finished. Some of the parts are so complex due to the amount of angles the tricks were being captured that it took months to edit just a handful of scenes.

Thousands of hours of footage that the director himself did not dare to count, make PROPELLER a full on intense film that will not let you get your eyes off the screen, trick after amazing trick performed by the best will take you to skateboarding nirvana!

Director claims that he was more of an spectator during most of the process since these guys could be an unstoppable force that just did and skated what they wanted and he just had to be there to make sure it was caught on film, the skaters were also a big part of the selection process of the footage and even the music that they wanted to get in their part to fully express their own self, style and skills through the imagery shown in the film.


Full Cast

  • Rowan Zorilla
  • Kyle Walker
  • Anthony Van Engelen
  • Tony Trujillo
  • Geoff Rowley
  • Chris Pfanner
  • Daniel Lutheran
  • Christian Hosoi
  • Omar Hassan
  • Jeff Grosso
  • Chima Ferguson
  • Dustin Dollin
  • Jason Dill
  • Gilbert Crockett
  • John Cardiel
  • Curren Caples
  • Steve Caballero
  • Pedro Barros
  • Ray Barbee
  • Tony Alva
  • Andrew Allen
  • Elijah Berle



The film will take you on a guitar fuelled trip and give you some insights into the musical taste of some of your favorite skaters, as mentioned above, some of them picked the tunes themselves that are shown in their respective parts, from Iggy pop, Circle Jerks, Slayer to Ozzy Osbourne, The music on the film will have you wanting to jump off your seat and headband or start a mosh pit in your living room while watching these dudes do some sick SHIT®.





Propeller’s Raw Files

14 additional clips were released after the video came out, with additional tricks not included in the original release, alternative angle recordings and a behind the scenes on how the film was made, Dustin Dollin, Pedro Barros and Tony Trujillo are some of the guys who were selected for this cut of additional footage, in total,14 of the 22 dudes of the team got their own Raw Files.

Its an Overall very enjoyable experience and is definitely what you could expect from Vans first full length skateboarding video and we feel that it is a MUST watch, it will really broaden your perspective and give you a hint on how skateboarding styles have evolved by watching all of the generations of skateboarding in one film.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, if you have not seen the movie yet or you want to relive it during these difficult quarantine times, we have a PRO tip for you! Red Bull has the full stream online and you can check it out in the link below, you are welcome! Check this SHIT® out and let us know how YOU liked it.


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