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Bob Burnquist and Rune Glifberg Ranks Movie Skate Scenes

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Meet Bob Burnquist and Rune Glifberg. Bob is a Brazilian professional skateboarder who specializes in the Vertical modality, which turns him into a pro and the winner of more than 10 X Games gold medals. He founded the CBSK in Brazil and made Brazilian skateboarding history.

Rune Glifberg is an architecture and design developer from Denmark. He is known by being called "The Danish Destroyer", Glifberg won two X Games gold medals in the park modality, his first competition was in 1990 and he turned pro in 1992, since then he has seen all the skateboarding evolution.

Glifberg and Burnquist were invited to check out some films and give their judgment to different skate scenes. This was what they had to say about it.


The Amazing Spider-Man


This movie was released in 2012 and is based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man by Stan Lee. It was directed by Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield. The story changed a little bit compared to the first Spider-Man edition with Tobey Maguire but is definitely a great film.

"As a kid I loved Spider-Man, and knowing that he skated back then, he would have been my favorite superhero. I did wonder how that board was sticking to his feet though, and then [I remembered] he’s Spider-Man, so it would," said Bob Burnquist to JOE.

Even so, to Bob, the movie could do a better job simulating skateboarding, "that nose manual was not good. They totally missed an opportunity to make this clip pretty good with the skating," he added in the interview.

Contrary, Rune didn't like it too much, for him it was too excessive, "There’s definitely some weird animation going on here that doesn’t look so great," he said after he added that it looked really fake.


MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate


Most Vertical Primate is a 2001 film, this one is the Most Valuable Primate sequence starring a chimpanzee who loves sports. First, it plays hockey before it shows its skateboarding side. By the way, Bob Burnquist was part of the cast.

"I did a movie with this chimp that skated, and he skated in my house when we were doing the promotion for the movie. And the chimp could ride. That was pretty cool just because it was unique," Bob says.

For many years, Hollywood has made films with animals. The plot has always been thought-provoking, with the idea of a domestic friendship between kids and animals, however it is a fact that to get those results, many animals have had to suffer hard training, for our entertainment.

Bob exposed a piece of his experience with it and to him even if it was weird to see an animal doing something that isn't natural for a chimp, he said that there were two chimps but one of them was too old, so, "I guess when they mature they start fighting or whatever. So they trained another one, the chimp’s son," he explained.

Furthermore, the board where the chimp skated had the shoes stuck to the deck, so it couldn't fall down easily, even so, Bob said that the chimp did skate, "All that is him, all for real. He did a backside ollie on my ramp, I was tripping." Bob added.
However, this experience produced mixed reactions and feelings because a chimp was trained to skate and that wasn't natural to them, "It’s close to like a circus animal or something. It seemed like he was having fun, so it didn’t feel weird. He seemed to enjoy skating," Burnsquit said.






The Mid 90s


This film is a new one, this teen comedy was released in 2018 and is about a kid who grows up in a skateboarding teenage crew during the 90s LA. It was written and directed by Jonah Hill and stars Sunny Suljic as Stevie.

"It’s good to get skateboarding out to a broader audience, but there were still some clichés. Just like [being chased by] security guards, scenes where they’re gripping the board – some of these things that you have to have in a skateboarding movie. But it was definitely a sick movie," said Rune Glifberg about the film.

However, Rune added that while skateboarding integrity is kept high, it is important to highlight that his gold season was in the 90s so he might a bit biased because of what he lived too, he said that the skate was too good for that time. "If they really wanted it to look like the 90s, they could have had shittier pop, and made their tricks look a little bit more sketchy".

On the other hand, Burnquist agreed with Rune and added that "It’s really hard to do that. I remember doing a demo with Tony Hawk and him saying "Now it’s only 1980s tricks!" It’s really hard to hold back!"

The movie is terrific and for most of its audience the impact was really good, but looking at Rune's point, he might be right with the details that could make the film even better.


Back to The Future


Without a doubt, the historic 1985 film 'Back To The Future' inspired a lot of people to take a skateboard and go out to practice it. The science-fiction movie was directed by Robert Zemeckis and stars Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly. Unintentionally he travels back, there he experiences a chase which pushes him to take a scooter and turn it into a skateboard.

Rune and Bob respect this film a lot, their favorite part was when Marty went over the car and landed on the skateboard.

"Even the way he popped that jump, that is all legit right here. And this is a movie where they could go really cheesy, it could go really bad by not doing it right. I think Michael J Fox is the first skateboarding movie hero," said Bob about BTTF at JOE.

Rune also added that he started to skate in 1986 and he really appreciated Welinder apparition, "I think it was (skating pioneer) Per Welinder actually, that was the stunt double," Rune Glifberg said.



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