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PJ Ladd: The East Coast Skateboarding Legend


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Born January 1983, In Rockland Massachusetts, PJ recalls how big skateboarding was during his childhood when he spent much of his free time skating! From just being in front of his house and skating his empty high school parking lot, he moved up to a rustic grind box and flat bar and taking trains to downtown Boston to ride the streets, all of this at age 13. He entered skateboarding radar due to his amazing performance and skill shown in 2002’s Coliseum Skateshop video, being the main skater featured with a part called “PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life” which is still an iconic piece of footage to this date (look it up kids!)


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He worked alongside Element as an AM to then become a pro with Flip Skateboards and moved up to be one of Plan B’s golden boys and even getting his first signature professional board deal from them.

Ladd won the Berrics V competition after kicking Mike Mo’s ass in the championship round. For the sixth BATB contest, Ladd qualified for the championship battle against Paul Rodriguez and won the competition for a second successive year, being a guy that is capable of dealing with the biggest names in the industry, he also got the second place at the World of X Games Game of SKATE back in august 2014.


Waving the Boston Flag

In 2019, PJ made a name for himself in his hometown by being the ambassador for New Balance’s “NB#” a Skateboarding team owned by the shoe company based in Boston, working along with Arto Saraí, Levi Brown and Tom Karangelov, Ladd stood out for his hometown brand and said in the announcement of his joining of the team: “New balance is a no-bullshit shoe” talk about marketing huh?






Early Videography

We recommend you check out some of his more underground stuff before he became a pro! In the early clips, most of the skateboarders display amazing skills and a hunger for recognition that makes them pull off sick SHIT® and PJ is one of them.

The Coliseum Video (1999)

411VM Issue #37 (1999)

Digital Skateboarding #2 (2000)

Zoo York: E.S.T. (2000)

Logic #4 (2000)

Big Brother: Crap (2001)

ON Video Magazine: Spring (2001)

Monkey Business: Project of a Lifetime (2001)

This guy also made appearances in Skate, Skate 2, and Skate 3 getting a checkmark in the skateboarder’s dream checklist! During his time away from skateboarding, Ladd loves to read a good book and engages in what he calls "recharge time."


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