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Philipp Schuster: Skateboarding and Photography Genius

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Skateboarding is unique in many ways, one of them is the way that the sport is portrayed and captured to be displayed in the media, the main reason being that only those who are capable of capturing those moments are dudes that are widely involved in the skateboarding world. You could get a professional fashion or editorial photographer to capture a skate session or shoot and we are pretty sure that no good would come out of that experiment.

There is a certain technique and mystique you can only have in you and develop once you've been riding or living in the skateboarding environment for years!

Shuster was born in September 1984 in Vienna, Austria. He has been in the industry for over a decade, and apart from being an amazing skateboarder he is also in charge of capturing some of the best skaters in the industry through his lens.

The dude is known for his street skateboarding skills, the same skills that led him to know the best spots around the world and photograph them, but he is not afraid of getting big air on ramps or drops also!


A Mixture of two Passion!

He was named the “best rookie skater of the year” back in 2006 and was also crowned European Skateboarding champion in the same year among other titles. Some of his best and most known performances were given in the Etnies European Open, the X Games  and the Mystique Cup which gave a lot of talk about this dude during his competition career.

He managed to put both of his favorite activities together by coming up with “Trottoir” an online independent skateboarding magazine that focused mostly on his local skateboarding scene in Vienna, he became writer, editor and publisher of the magazine and by then he claimed he was “completely hooked” on photography and capturing the blooming local street skateboarding scene in his country.His ambitions got him to be one of the most noted skateboarding photographers.

The "Schuster-Villa", the "Kölla" and the "Philipp Schuster - A Skateboarder's Romance" exhibition in the Vienna Photo Museum marks a unique style and view of the skateboarding community which he achieved by mixing different aspects of art and skateboarding translated into photography, it stopped being just the capture of a trick to become the capture of a feeling.






Schuster also develops workshops and visual concepts. His knowledge in both photography and skateboarding merges into a sharp understanding of visual communication and a dedicated photographic vision of the scene.

In 2012 this dude had the unique opportunity to redesign and skate an entire house in Salzburg that was scheduled to be demolished a few days later, as a kid he had had the dream of having a ramp of some sort in his home and the day finally came when along the Red Bull team he was able to design a fully skateable space with the help of his friends, and tons of hours of hard work, the space was turned into their personal playground for an entire weekend using around eight tons of building material disposed by these dudes in fully DIY mode. Within a few days, the window-niches became pockets, the fireplace the Vulcano-Hip and the walls were no longer walls, they became wallrides!


“DIY Supply”

After This ambitious project and being able to see his own capabilities to build a fully skateable spot out of nowhere, Schuster co created DIY Supply, a project that alongside the Red bull team allowed him to reunite a group of local Vienna skaters for something he denominated “A Skateboarder's Romance” which involved investing 2,500 working hours and 30 tons of material to put together an underground DIY bowl in a cellar vault. Project that took 4 months to be completed.

The project was also photographed and displayed for a while in the Fotomuseum WestLicht in Vienna and eventually turned into a photobook.


DIY Tools

Philipp never left photography behind, almost every single one of his projects has been captured and framed for the expositions he arranges, one of them is “DIY tools” a set of photographs that display savage instruments that he and other are to build DIY skate spots from previous projects and other that were never documented.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, this guy is a clear example of how we can mix up our passions and develop different kinds of skills within skateboarding, what other passion do you have besides skateboarding? Can you mix them both together? Have you tried?


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