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Pedro Barros: The Skateboarding King of Park

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


  • Stance: Regularskate
  • Age: 25
  • Country: Brazil
  • Instagram: @pedrobarrossk8
  • Sponsors: Red Bull, Vans, Petrobras, Oi, Evoke, Independent, Alta, Layback Beer

Born in March 1995, AKA Pedrinho Barros is a professional Brazilian skateboarder specialized in the park and bowl discipline. Under the guidance of Sandro Dias and Bob Burnquist at the beginning of his career, Barros has become almost indisputably the best rider you can find in a park, transitions being his way into the 1st places of almost every park event across the world, from his home country to the domination of the most disputed events in the USA.

Pedro has proven that with effort, dreams can come true and most importantly, he has a wider vision of skateboarding. He is not out there for the money or fame, he is looking to show the world what skateboarding can do for people and especially for the people of his country. He has claimed several times that he is witness to the impact skateboarding has had on Brazil's in need marginalized youth over the years, from staying away from violence, drugs and negative habits to giving hope of a new way of life through the practice of the sport, he wants to be able to give that cure for all of those who are in the need of it.


X Games Protégé

Barros has become one of the favorite and most enjoyable acts in these events, from his first performance in 2008 when he got the gold at the Vert amateur event, he has been an unstoppable force being among the top 3 skaters almost every single year after that, Barros currently holds 10 X Games medals, 7 of them being gold.

Pedro refers to his victories as something that goes beyond his own consciousness, something that happens almost involuntarily as he is driven by adrenaline and the screams of the crowd, the whole environment is what takes his skateboarding spirit to a whole new level.

“Maybe it’s like a drug. I get really high on adrenaline when I’m doing that. It feels like I’m in a battle or something, but in the end, it’s all fun.”

Barros has also been a prominent figure in events like the Vans Park Series and the World Championships in Park Skateboarding.







Recommended Videography

He was one of the skaters chosen to be part of the iconic PROPELLER, the 1st full-length skateboarding video by Vans released in 2015, which included some of the greatest legends and upcoming youngbloods of the skateboarding industry, Pedro’s part in the video is some of the best SHIT® you can see in the movie.

In 2018, his sponsor Drop Dead Skateboards released a movie called "Silver Era" His performance also being one of the most prominent, but if you want to see Pedro at his best, you MUST check out "Pedro's Bigger Picture", a video project by Red Bull where he was able to skate actual art! And even got the chance to show the viewers his favorite skate spots around the world. "This is so surreal, being able to ride your favorite spots all over the world, all put together and especially, up in the air," said Barros about the experience.

Pedro has been skating for over 10 years now, he has explained how he would like to get involved in other endeavors since he has been non stop skating since he started, however, he is clear in the fact that his time is not done, especially with the Olympics around the corner from which Barros has mixed opinions, he states that the Olympics have taken the life out of many sports and have turned them somehow into a business, but he is positive in the fact that this could definitely change the perception some people have about skateboarding, especially in his country.

This dude is looking forward to the games and states he wants to partake first hand on the impact it will have in his beloved sport, he wants to represent his country while doing so, hoping to make sure that this new challenge skateboarding is facing has the complete opposite impact than the one most of the skeptics of the Olympics are talking about.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes! A brief peek into this up and coming skateboarding legend, we are pretty sure that his dedication will pay off and we hope that he is able to get what he wants from the Olympics, being nothing but good intentions and a hope of a brighter future for skaters all over the world.




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Clayton Hartig June 01, 2020

Found you sht guys on the web. Nice to see your sht out there. I just started to skate at age 62, no sht, here in the states. Best wishes to the mag. Hook me up with a deck here in MO 64062 if you have an extra please, thanks.\m/

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