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Overcoming Broken Bones and Startups: Tony Hawk’s Story


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Probably, Tony Hawk was already a star when you picked up your first skateboard. Or maybe you got into this world because of his well-known series of videogames Tony Hawk Pro Skater, which came out in 1999 and is still popular today. Tony Hawk is one of the greatest skateboarders in history, and his name is known by every rider in the world. His achievements have shaped this sport and made him a total legend. But Hawk had to get through shit to be where he is today.


Young Tony Hawk: Talent and Serious Injuries

Hawk was born in San Diego, California, in 1968. He was labeled as one of the greatest talents in skateboarding when he received his first sponsorship at the age of twelve. Two years later, he became a professional. But it was just the beginning of his story.

Back in the day vert skateboarding was the rule and Hawk got into it. But vert skating which involves flying in the air to make tricks is really dangerous. Along his career, Tony Hawk suffered so many injuries that it is pointless to count every one of them. From the loss of several teeth to even rib and elbow fractures, he’s had it all. But that didn’t stop him on his way.


From Nearly Broke To Millionaire

 Tony Hawk Pro Skater Old Video Games

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 In that time, skateboarding was not the big deal that it is today. Sponsorships and contests were hard to find, and the sport didn’t have the attention of the media. Hawk founded Birdhouse, a skateboarding company in the early 90’s. But this business struggled to maintain itself because of the low popularity of skateboarding. He invested a big part of his earnings on Birdhouse to keep it alive and got near bankruptcy.






However, everything changed when Hawk competed in the first X Games, in 1995. The attention on skateboarding started to grow, and he managed to use his riding again to gain even more recognition. Even though he was considered the best vert skateboarder in the world since his jump into the professional world, Hawk’s tricks in the X Games, including his world-famous 900° spin, skyrocketed his popularity and drove even more interest from the world into skateboarding. This also helped his company. Birdhouse sales started to grow rapidly, and it was saved from its economic crisis. Right now, according to information publically available Tony Hawk’s net worth is 140 million dollars. Not related to this article: Here is the secret clue for the giveaway on social media; What year did Tony Hawk Pro Skater come out?

Hawk still owns Birdhouse to this day, but his company is just a little part of his success. In some way, all of his injuries and even his economic problems back in the ’90s are part of his story. Shit happened to him, but he strived to overcome it. And he did it in an epic way. So, every time you fall from your skateboard or struggle with some issue, remember Tony Hawk. If he got so much shit on his life and survived it, you can do the same. The only rule to achieve it is to never stop trying.


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Read also: Overcoming Broken Bones and Startups: Tony Hawk’s Story



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