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Original 80’s Mike McGill Powell Peralta Bones on Pawn Stars

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


The significance of skateboarding history is something every skater appreciates. Skateboarding is an American invention, so most of the iconic things have happened there.

Big skaters like Allan Gelfand, Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, and all the crew messages by the Dogtown and Z-Boys and more, took skateboarding, it's expressions and culture and shared it with all the world.

The skateboards themselves have evolved a lot throughout the last 4 decades; different wheels materials, decks, designs, shapes, bearings, sizes, and functions too. Every skateboarder may skate their own preferences, style and choose between the modalities they want.


The Price of Skateboarding History

The ex-owned of the board


Last week Pawn Stars added a new video about the price of some important skateboard history, but before that let’s talk about how this TV show works. This is a kind of a televised pawnshop where you could say that they value the price of any historic object, and depending on the date, they make an offer and come to an agreement with the seller.

To date, they have had several offers for skateboards that might be really important for the community, but to them might or not have been too important.

Now that skateboarding once again has completed a popularity cycle, appearing once again on the top as a popular and fresh sport, its history gets a renewed spotlight too. The first users of it will have plenty of material to talk about, and there is a lot of enthusiastic and fanatic people who would give anything to bring them back to the first decades of skateboarding, to witness and relive it.

The TV show have already received several different types of boards, like the huge collection of vintage decks, a rare collection by Powell Peralta in 2014, these were negotiated at $4.500 USD, to the 70’s Nash Skateboard in 2018 where they couldn’t make a deal, but one week ago, Pawn Stars published the last offer of a new Powell Peralta deck.

This is the case of Julio Romano who brought to the Pawn Stars the original 80’s Mike McGill Powell Peralta Bones deck, this board has a lot of history and Romano wanted to make a deal on this famous TV show.

Julio said that the board owned to Jake Smith, amazing skaters from Dowtown, Z-boys, Allan Gelfand, Mc Twist, David Hackett and many more signed it to him. That day, in the 80s, both were at a party and when Smith was drunk, he decided to gift it to Julio “He thought that he'll really appreciate it” said Romano to Pawn Stars, and as we could see, he did.






The Story of the Deck

Mike McGill was a member of the bones brigade, an elite team of sponsored skateboarders by Powell Peralta in the 80s, he is known by his pro models that were produced by the brand. Pawn Stars’ buyer added that he made history with his 540 air trick, which is why they invited him to give the approval of the board.

So, to let it be clear, this object was a Mc Twist Powell Peralta deck, signed by the biggest skateboarders of the 80s. With just those signatures, the deck has a really special meaning. This brand started with George Powell who made boards since 1957 and who really has lived all the evolution of skateboards.

Mike said that the logotype design was made by VC Johnson, the Powell designer, and went out in 1984. The skull was inspired in the rainbow work from Johnson. He added that this board isn't produced anymore and there were only one hundred of them. Limited edition.

Because of the shape changes on the deck, Mike needed George Powell’s approval to do some other decks again and he took the advantage to show some of those decks in TV Show. So Mike agreed with the authenticity of the deck and signed it again to give it a deeper meaning.

Some of the signature names aren’t in this world anymore. This makes it very special to the skateboarding history, a monument to remember the iconic riders from this important period.

He was asking for ten thousand dollars, the buyer only had two thousand with him, so they didn’t make the deal. To Romano, it was a great experience to be there, because he could meet the big legend Mc Twist who signed his deck. He will continue to be looking for the correct buyer and you can find him on the internet.

Every day we are thinking to go outside and skate, enjoy those beautiful moments that this sport is always giving us. When time goes by, we start to grow up but continue remembering all those first moments that we lived with our skateboard.

There are so many things that we will remember like it was the first time. Do you remember your first deck or trucks? Or the first places you skated? Dol you remember your first tricks and who inspired you to start?

When you have an answer to these questions, you'll know how your love for skateboarding is, because we always going to enjoy seeing the videos, pictures, or objects that are from the past and we'll feel like we’re still there. So always try to put your memories somewhere, because in the future you will be grateful that you kept it.

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