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Nyjah Huston Skates a Lamborghini at The Berrics

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


As of now, Nyjah Huston is considered the biggest street competition skateboarder in history. Since he started to build his wealth he has shown his love for automobiles too. For example in 2017 he presented his cars like the Mercedes Benz c63s, Audi R8 and of course his Lamborghini Aventador.

Choi loves luxury cars just like his family does and a significant part of his experiences riding those are shown on his YouTube Channel with more than 700 thousand subscribers.

Besides exploring together with his guests, things like driving really fast, ways to destroy cars, injecting nitrous into a police car... Alex also shows an innovative way to show off a Lamborghini in his own style.


One of his most successful videos was in 2019, for example when he introduced the Unicorn V3, "The Twin Turbo Lamborghini Rally Car," or revealing his BMW M2 Drift Build, "What a $16,000 ECU Tune Does to Your Car" and the most recent, "Meet My Fire Breathing McLaren" and when he bought illegal race cars "to drive on the street."

Currently Alex, together with Nyjah Huston decided to skate the V3 in a skatepark in The Berrics LA Skatepark. ”Alex asked if Nyjah could skate on his Lamborghini, so we met up at The Berrics for a few tricks," Speed Suspects said in their Instagram post.






A Mix Between Cars and Skateboards

The Unicorn V3 as Choi called it is black, it has a roof-mounted LED light, upside-down tail lights, dual cannon filters snagged off of a semi-truck. The car is totally unique, it's covered by a fire-engine red stainless with rails around it, perfect for Nyjah to land some tricks.

The style of this car helped Nyjah to get some tricks like FS 50-50 Grind, Flip and SW Flip Frontside over the car. Choi also made his performance and made some spins around. Choi said that he doesn't really know how to skate, but he wasn't gonna lose his chance to do what he knows driving his cars at The Berrics.


“We saved a parking space for Choi and luxury sports car enthusiast Nyjah Huston; this is what happens when the rubber meets the road, and when the polyurethane meets the six-figure custom whip,” The Berrics announcement said on its YouTube Channel.

For sure, this was a nice mix of love for wheels, cars, and skateboarding. The fact that a place like The Berrics opened its doors and helped them to accomplish this experience makes it even better.

They called the right guy to skate Choi's car and it would be really nice to see some of Nyjah's cars in Alex's care or Alex learning how to skate as well. We hope to see them together more, entertaining their audience.

If you love cars being destroyed and skateable, you can also watch how some skaters tried to destroy a car during a session like a challenge with the JAWS, A Happy Medium Team and Braille Team combined. Or like Nyjah, there was Aurelien Giraud in Paris landing a variety of tricks over some luxury cars that you don't wanna miss.


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