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Nyjah Huston: Redefining Stardom in Skateboard

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Starting as a rasta skater, Nyjah has come a long way since his professional appearance at the very first Street League Skateboarding competition (where he won) when he was the youngest competitor being only eleven years old. Now 25, he has become the face of street skateboarding and have changed the game through all these years. It has been a delight for every skateboard fan to watch him grow alongside the sport with his 11 X Games gold medals and nothing less than 22 Street League Skateboarding titles that adds to his legacy.


Early Beginnings in Skateboarding

Born in Davis, California in 1994 and beginning to skate at 4 years old taking advantage that his dad owned a skate park, where he got to develop his craft. They public eye was set in Huston until his father and manager at the time, unexpectedly decide to move all of the family to Puerto Rico, followed by the divorce of his parents and a two years legal battle over custody. In the end, Nyjah’s mother won custody going back to California and letting Huston go back to the skateboard world he left behind.


Becoming a Star in Skateboarding

nyjah houston skateboarding pro

Nyjah later went in 2011 to the inaugural Street League Crown, winning with a backside 270 nose blunt-slide (as the only skater to do it and also the only one earning a 9.9 score) and an addition of a $150,000 prize. Huston appeared at the X games in 2006 winning his first medal in 2009 at only 14 years old, and in 2011 he finally got his first gold medal beating Luan Oliveira and Ryan Sheckler the defending champ. Nyjah is known because of how easily he lands tricks other skaters struggle with, and on the first try (!), earning him the nickname Soul Crusher.






Huston Habits for Success

Despite being the highest paid street skater in the world, Nyjah is a very disciplined man, a discipline instilled by his father who was a true follower of rastafari culture. He doesn’t have a vegan diet anymore as he now eats everything but red meat. Nevertheless, he says it is because of his nutritional care he hasn’t suffered a fracture in his career. He might have more money and luxury than just a few years ago, but he is still the same Nyjah.

Huston is on the top of the skateworld right now and for some the current face of skateboarding. Undoubtedly the greatest street skateboarder ever, making us all question how high he can go in the skateboarding sport, because at 25 years old it just feels like he is at the start of becoming a new legend.




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