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Nyjah Huston and His New Shoe Collection

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Nyjah Huston is a known pro skateboarder from Davis, California who has been skating since he was a little boy. Since then, Nyjah has been prepared to be a winner and by now, Huston is one of the most important street skateboarders in history.

His first sponsorship was Element Company and most of his childhood films were with this brand, he used to show himself with a Rastafarian style, executing hard tricks, and being consistent in his lines. One of the best memories of him competing was in 2005 in Tampa AM, his career was just starting.

Nyjah has participated and won on repeatedly occasions at the most relevant competitions like Tampa, Street League and X-Games. Those contests have given, until now, the highest money prizes and have let a lot of skateboarders turn into a pro.

Currently, he lives in Hollywood where he has his own skatepark and mansion. He is also working on new merch and products. Huston is constantly trying and applying the best technology to his products to guarantee a unique experience during skateboarding.


An Olympic Projection to Win


Olympics are one of the best-paid events too, which motivates Nyjah just as with other competitions to be there and win. Skaters like Yuto, Gustavo and more, are committed to winning the first Olympics' gold medal too, so it will be good entertainment.

However, he and his shoe brand are so convinced of victory that they made the new Nyjah's collection honoring Tokyo 2020's date. Unfortunately, this year COVID-19 changed the plans of each world sports event including the Olympics.

In spite of this, the pro skateboarder launched his new Nike SB Nyjah Free 2 pairs of shoes. "Inspired by the iconic Nike Spiridon, the original rubber design has been updated with mesh panels to help your feet stay cool through your roughest skate days", says the official shoe description.






The New Nike SB Free 2


The shoes are white and on the details, they are accompanied by blue and pink colors. In the shoe's back is a sign that says "Nike SB, 2020/07/24, Just do it" a clear message of determination and statement of a victory.

“New colorway out now!! This was the colorway we made for the Olympics before it got postponed, but had to still put em out for you guys cuz they too fire”, said Huston on his Instagram profile.

Shoes in skateboarding are so important because the impact to land or fail a trick is significant, a skater is constantly injured and it affects the body in different places, in some cases if the fall is too hard the skater may never skate again.

Some common foot injuries are ankle sprain or broken, stress fracture and if you have flat feet you will have to be more conscious of what kind of shoes you are using to skate.

That's why brands like Nike, is working on giving the skateboarding community a resistant shoe that also will buffer the constant skate impact. "Internal, 3/4-length sleeve creates a sock-like fit" stood out from their specifications, the shoe also has a foam sock liner to buffer.

These shoes have a "breathable update" if you sweat a lot, they have rubber and mesh that are fused for extra durability. In the skateboarding shoe's grip it's totally relevant to its practice and is something that these shoes offer.

Something special in the Nyjah and Nike joining is the importance of the laces, they are more durables if you want to be chill or you may tighten them to have a snug shoe immediately, Nike calls it the Ghillie loops.

So if you are going to buy shoes, what do you keep looking for? Nyjah told in a Nine Club interview that when he is skating he prefers a snug fit, "but then if I was just gonna chill, I would like to use like a half-size up".

So the last month was a huge day to Nyjah's performance on the Olympics, however, is important to mention that two months ago, he "destroyed his ankle", as he said. Which left us thinking that, if the Olympics hadn't canceled this year, he hadn't been the first gold medallist. Timing, right?

Currently, he is recovering from a broken bone as he published in his social media and he has been posting some skate videos with his new shoe collection. Probably, next year there will be a new collection to memorate the Olympics too.

Even though the Olympics were rescheduled, this is a new chance for Nyjah and all the competitors to continue preparing for this important contest that gathers more than 53 modalities, among those Skateboarding.

Through the years skateboarding has been characterized by being a unique sport, it demands huge effort to complete any goal. It isn't just a physical activity, it also has its own style in clothes and environment.

If you want to learn how to skate, you will have to invest in some special articles to at least start right. Look up for the closest skate shop and get the right shoes, pants and protection.

It depends on what modality or the style of skateboarding you prefer, so your skateboard will have different characteristics as well, but you will learn about it with your own experience. Never forget to have fun and always do your best to succeed.

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