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Nottingham is Prepared For a New Skatepark

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Nottingham, located in England middle is recognized for its history, architectural style, landscapes and has a skateboarding community that is supported by no less than 15 skateparks.

At the moment, skateboarding is booming all over the world and for places like this has been important to make skateboarding more professional within academic learning. 

This has led to a lot of development and educational investment that will provide skateboarding community with the necessary tools to be a professional, more open space for kids, youth and adults who want to skate.



Due to this initiative, the Nottingham Trent University started a project under Chris Lawton’s leadership, “Our vision is to identify local areas that could benefit from these installations - teaming with youth groups and schools to create them." Lawton said to Nottinghamshire Live.

They were granted a space in Rushcliffe Country Park, a park that gave them the final approval to build. Due to the great community in the skatepark, the college will present the project to the youth next year. The area is an open park, it has another skatepark as well and includes an area with nature that will make the experiences here unforgettable. 






A Skatepark for Everyone


The skatepark will be open to different sports which means a design that is going to benefit a huge community, besides the professional experience to the college students and riders.

Its purpose is to be a plaza with sophisticated spots to test BMX and skateboarding impacts, but that also will feature a harmonious design to complement the park's style.

“It is great to see that Rushcliffe Borough Council has a dedicated budget for skateboarding facilities and has really thought about the design of each of their parks individually, rather than duplicating the same forms in each," James Hope-Gill, chief executive of Skateboard GB, said to Nottinghamshire Live.




Likewise, it is important to mention that this accomplishment is due to good communication from the community and that's why a valued park like Rushcliffe approved a second skatepark that will be enourmous.

The skatepark will be ready during the next year but until then, the team will be meeting constantly to get a good skatepark design result. This project is supported by UKRI, a research center that "works in partnership with universities, research organizations, businesses, charities, and government," as they mention on their website.

Likewise, the center is supported by BEIS and will support the research for the Rushcliffe skatepark where collectives like Skate Nottingham are.

After preparing the design, "The workshop participants’ film, audio recordings, drawings and models will all be exhibited interactively during the 2021 Festival of Science and Curiosity from the 10th to the 17th of February," said Nottinghamshire Live in its article.

Consequently, activities like these are constructive and beneficial for the community, additionally, it is incredible to see a whole team working in something that provides a chance to kids and youth, but also adults and everyone that are involved knew that.



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