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Skater Nora Vasconcellos: Who Is She?

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Nora Vaconcellos has become one of the greatest female pro skaters in the world, with a great personality and even greater skateboarding. She is representing more than herself while skating and she is just getting starting.


Nora Vasconcellos' Early Beginnings


Nora passed her childhood in Pembroke, a small town located in south-eastern Massachusetts. She got into skateboarding by watching the animated serie ´Rocket Power´. When the cat lover Nora started to skate she wasn’t accompanied by many friends, mostly because a lot of guys felt intimidated ba a girl being a skateboarder.

After she graduated from Pembroke High School she wanted to keep skating, but her full-time job in a production warehouse didn’t allow her. In 2012, Nora decided to quit her job and travel 71 hours by train to get to California with nothing else than her bag and her skateboard. This was a bold choice from her to find a life through skating.






Fulfilling Dreams

Less than five years have passed and she is already a pro skater, she won the Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic back in 2013 and in 2016 she was selected for the Transworld Female Readers Choice Award. The very first Adidas Pro Skater, she won the Vans Park Series in 2017 with an excellent round in Shanghai. She wants that brands start making more skate clothes for women, and she had struggled a lot with this but believe now that Adidas has been developing this feature pretty well.

She has a style like no other, with an expert handling on half-pipes, splicing complicated vert tricks like it is nothing. Nora has some big backside airs that are just sick, and it combines perfectly with it’s comic and awesome personality.
She had a panic disorder and had to learn to control it in order to travel and participate in pro skater demos, signings and appearances. She had found peace and doesn’t focus on fears anymore. For some pro skaters, like Andrew Reynolds and Lacey Baker, Vasconcellos is a graceful skater that have energy in every trick she does, making skateboarding go beyond. Her backside airs are just the best ones in all genders. She knows that getting where she is, she has inspired lot of skater girls around the world, and keep inspiring them to go further in skateboarding.

Back in 2017, the award-winning filmmaker Giovanni Reda made a collaboration with Adidas to release the short film ´Nora´, which shows a lot deeper how Nora feels within the skateboarding community and how it combines with her life. With 2020 starting, Vasconcellos has the eye set on the Tokyo Olympics as well as the inclusion of women in Street League Skateboarding and the Vans Park Series. Nora’s personality and style just captives everyone, and it shows that pro skateboarding deserve to give them more praise to the girl skaters around the world. Nora is an inspiration and will continue to be that for years to come.




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