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No Legs, No Limits: 10 Year Old Skater Maxim Abramov
By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Maxim Abramov is 11 years old and loves sports like swimming and skateboarding. He skates all day in the St. Petersburg skateparks in Russia, where he is from. His parents brought skateboarding to him because he accidentally entered a skatepark and met other skaters there that inspired him. 

When his mom saw this, she motivated her son to do something different, so she bought him a skateboard and found Pavel Muskin to teach Maxim how to skate.


A Brave Boy With Big Dreams

Max lost his legs after his bed caught fire when he was very little. Regardless of this we now nine years later get to witness a brave boy having fun and being engaged in his life every day. Playing just like any other kid with the possibilities of making his dreams come true.

His coach, Pavel Mushkin mentions that Maxim became a worldwide celebrity overnight, “so many people started to write him messages. He is the only kid among people who share the same condition who skates. That makes him really special, he is truly conquering the world.”

The world of skateboarding is not easy to anybody because it demands a lot of hard work. At the same time as it hardens you and makes you strong, you have to keep confronting your fears and sometimes you will lose battles, in that sense the same rules applies to everyone. This is how life works, sometimes we wall but we get up and continue growing as a person and in Maxim's case, as a skater.






Being Known All Around The World

“[Positive attention] gave Max the chance to be better and strain himself so much more, he started to try even harder and he likes to do tricks and being praised for what he does. It gives you a really cool feeling to see him this motivated” Muskin says in an interview.

Since Max met skateboarding, his life has gotten much better because it makes him surpass himself and share his passion with other people; besides, one of the most important skaters of the history, Tony Hawk, shared a video post on Instagram highlighting the talent of Max and adhered a few supportive words “My new favorite skateboarder”. This occurrence motivated him to continue and be more creative to achieve new tricks and improve old ones too.

His situation isn’t a limitation, he knows what he wants and to him, the most important isn't the competition but to always learn more about skateboarding life and why not, the dream of skating with the most influential skateboarders that inspire him.


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