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Neal Unger: 65 Years Old Skateboarder Still Shredding


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Many people believe that when you reach a certain age you should leave the skateboard and get into bed so you don't hurt yourself. What they fail to recognize is that there are brave people out there defying stereotypes and making the most out of life despite being “old”.

Skateboarding Is For Anyone

Neal Unger old skateboarder
Photo: Private

Meet Neal Unger: In the mid-60s he rode his first skateboard, and although it may seem incredible to see a 65 year old man do a kick-flip but he shows us that with discipline and courage you can make some shit happen despite age or limits.

From Surfing the Waves to Sidewalk Surfing

At 9 years old he got on his first board and began surfing, eventually he replaced the sea for concrete and thus his passion for skateboarding was born. It might seem as though time is standing still for him as he now travels the United States, making YouTube video and sharing his message of why skateboarding is the best thing in the world.






Too Old To Skate?

While it's quite common to see 5-year-olds on their little skateboards, it might seem unusual to many to encounter a 60+ year old doing the same thing. But as with most sports some have a preconception that there should be an age limit to skating. What they fail to consider is that people are passionate creatures regardless of age.


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