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Music To Skate To: Beach Fossils

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Skateboarding is driven by a lot of factors, one of those is music, you can't really think of skateboarding without music and art in general but people always tend to associate skateboarding with fast, heavy, aggressive guitar fuelled music, punk rock! And as much as we love it (we bet most of you guys do too) it has become almost a “signature” and a “cliche” in skateboarding. 90% of skateboarding videos you see have a punk rock soundtrack to it, which is cool, but not at all realistic!

People listen to whole different kinds of music while skating, from rock to hip hop and everything in between. The new generations have even toned down a bit and gone back to the beginnings of this whole SHIT® by going in a whole different direction, mellow guitars, soft vocals and overall stoned chill tunes! This is what Beach Fossils have to offer to your ears, so if you are a heavy music lover while skating we recommend you keep on reading with an open mind and maybe discover some new SHIT® to skate to!


The Beginnings

The band was formed back in 2009 in Brooklyn NY, current line up includes Dustin Payseur on vocals and guitar, Jack Doyle Smith on bass, Tommy Davidson on guitar, and Anton Hochheim on drums.

Dustin Payseur started the project and joined forces with the other guys to become one of the most influential and recognized bands of the Lo-Fi indie scene from that decade, alongside other bands such as Wild nothing and solo artist Mac Demarco, these dudes started a whole new music movement that still has a lot of impact on the younger crowds across the world.

With their eponymous debut album Beach Fossils (2010), Clash The Truth (2013), and Somersault (2017), these guys took on USA and now international stages, bringing a weird combination of melancholy and layback tunes that will take you to a weird reberbered cloud you wont want to come down from.





Immersive Outerworld Sound

Their sound is described as Indie pop, Dream pop or even Shoegaze and a strange merge of many other influences, but we really don't believe any bands sound can be labeled, we could certainly trace back their sound in the psychedelic music movement from the 60’s mixed with genres like jazz and even classical instrument arrangements like violins and pianos that will totally have you in a somewhat floating state that could take your mind of other heavy earthly SHIT®

Payseur has been heavily influenced by literature and philosophy in his work, authors like Don Cherry, and currents of the Eastern philosophy are fully merged in the writing style of the lyrics for the bands work.


Clash The Truth (2013)

Their second full length album takes a different approach from their debut one, it tends to have a more post punkish sound to it, still carrying the rebervered vocals. The lyrics and content of the album definitely go darker and you can sense the tempo and speed of the album grow and steer a bit (not much) away from their first releases.

Payseur explains in very clear words how his personal state was translated in the changes of the band’s dynamic in an interview for KOSU in 2019:
"I was writing these really happy pop songs [early in my career] and then after a while I was like, 'You know I don’t feel great all the time and I want to write about that, I want to be able to write about how I’m feeling when I don’t feel good.’
This is definitely reflected in their second full length release which was not as acclaimed as the first album, but it definitely shows that the band stood with their creative ground and how Dustin spoke his real self instead of going in a direction that contradicted how he was feeling and the SHIT® he wanted to write about.


Sumersault (2017)

Their latest work is considered to be one of their best, by going back to their first works sound and mixing it up with the maturity of almost 10 years of trajectory, this is definitely a MUST listen album, and in our opinion, the best release of the band so far.

The whole Lo-Fi scene from the 2010’s matured and grew along with its audience, becoming a contemporary listen that still rings a lot of bells to this day.
Songs like “May 1st” and “Down the line” still capture the rebellious skateboarding spirit that is undercover in the many soft layers of the band, an overall rejection to society's stereotypes of success really get to shine in this work and their lyrics prove the point

“I don't want your Wall Street
Don't got no degree
Written on the concrete, ACAB”

Something you could see right out of a Black Flag song, but this time comes from the still mellow voice of Payseur which stands out a whole different level of almost introspective nonconformism that a lot of people could identify with.

Their current 10th anniversary tour has been postponed due to the world pandemic, there has not been much talk about a new album release, but we hope that there is one in the making pretty soon.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, this band is really something you want to give a listen to if you are just going out for a chill out cruise to school or the supermarket, and it's definitely advisable for a chillout session with the dudes and perfect for a dedicated makeout session with your significant other, trust us, you won't regret it!


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