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MUSEUM: A Love Story Of Art and Skateboarding

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.

This is the case of the film called MUSEUM, directed and produced by Marin Troude & Tristan Helias, starring Tristan Helias and Victoria Dauberville, and amazing music by Because Music, BBC Music, and FatKat Records.


Have you ever heard the Avril Lavigne song "Sk8r Boi" that he was a skater boy and she did ballet? Well, this was the best way to show a story like that. Even though the end is that they loved each other, they were upset and sad. So when they were separated, they began to dance around the D’orsay & Louvre museums as if all things were remembering their relationship.

This is definitely a symbol of a modern couple, but full of art in this lovely city, Paris. During the film, you can watch Tristan doing incredible tricks like 360, flips, backsides, wallrides, and rolling around everywhere. These are all mixed with Victoria's fluency while she's dancing in the best places in these museums.

Lots of detailed shots, general, quick, many factions captures. It was shot since the gold hour when it is getting dark. Then the night was shown with lights at many of the places that made the environment luxurious. A violin created the ambience of the edit and audience.

Art is about everything we see, everything we value because it was the result of emotions and hard work. Sometimes we might think that art is something easy to create, but on the contrary, it is the hardest.

The person who dedicates his life to art is dedicating himself to recreate the images that exist in his soul. When he feels pleased by what he's done, that’s the moment this art becomes popular and it's appreciated by everyone.






Museums are remarkable for the value they store inside of them. They showcase the history of art in their country. And their value is not limited to the art pieces; it is surely enhanced by the architecture that compels us as skaters to skate there.

Art is not just paintings or music; it is also dance, photography, films, theatre, and if we explore our feelings deeply, skateboarding is a form of art too. As someone said to me that skateboarding can be considered an art form due to all the things that you can see if you're putting a trick in slow motion or just seeing a trick in reality. You just end up asking yourself, how did this guy even manage that?


This sport is like a dance. Music can take you to a parallel world where you are just with yourself, focused on the trick you want to kick. There, you can forget for a while the problems at home, in your relationship, or in your mind.

People are always looking at you and motivating you. You can get those vibes around you; your atmosphere begins to make you feel that you are able to do anything. And just like art, first, you have to learn, fall, stand up, feel sad and frustrated, commit mistakes, and then you will finally make it!


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