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Skate Movie Review: Skate Kitchen

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Skate Kitchen is an American movie directed by Crystal Moselle and produced by Pulse Films, the movie was made with a low budget but the result turned out extraordinary, that's why it's received several nominations and became the precursor to the HBO series called Betty.

It is starred by Dede Lovelace as Janay, Kabrina Adams as Ruby, Nina Moran as Kurt, Ajani Russel as Indigo, Lorenzo twins as Eliza and Quinn, Jaden Smith as Devon and Camille's mom as Elizabeth Rodriguez.

The film was released in 2018 with a length of 105 minutes. The film shooting occurred in places like Long Island, iconic New York skateparks and the streets there as well.

It is a teen drama that involves love, friendship and so much skateboarding. It's about how inclusive skate can be, what type of situations a skater girl teenager goes through in New York and how some of these situations are common in any person.




Skate Kitchen's Storyline 


The movie starts off with Camille skating in a Long Island's skatepark. She was there alone, just trying to focus in on her skateboarding, she decides to land a trick on the rail, but unexpectedly she couldn't get it and the board ends up in a bad way between her legs.

This scene captures the audience because it is a typical fall that ends badly to any skater who has experienced it. Like Camille, if you were taken to the hospital, would you say it to your mom?

The movie shows the little support she gets from her mother who thinks that skateboarding just brings problems but also shows a mom who cares about her daughter and who without a doubt always is going to be there.

Camille saw Skate Kitchen on Instagram, a female skate crew that promotes a space to share as skater girls, it uses a banana symbol to identify the crew and signifies that skateboarding is the "kitchen" where "girls belong".



In some way, that caught Camille's attention which motivated her to take a train to the LES Coleman skatepark in New York to record female skateboarding. It was probably a new experience for her to not be alone anymore.

Those girls received her very well and the friendship began thanks to that post and true skate love. Janay, Kurt, Ruby and Indigo includes Camille and share time with her, skating, smoking and talking about life.



Even though Camille's mom prohibits her to skate she always goes to NY and skates with her new friends until a huge fight with her mom causes her to stay at Janay's place for a while.

The film shows a constant fight between girls and boys for some male chauvinism in the skatepark and also a personal issue between Devon and Janay, who used to have a relationship before. 

The girls were trying to do a hard flight but Janay couldn't land it and broke her foot, so she had to stop and being at home for the meantime.

Devon worked in a supermarket's vault where Camille started her new job. Even if she was new there it wasn't a big deal to go out with him and meet his crew too. They had fun and she felt comfortable with Devon.

In the beginning, she didn't know about Devon and Janay, and when she started to feel something for him, she decided to research what was going on between Janay, the girl who gave her a home and Devon, the boy that works with Camille and also who is going to the same skateparks.

She fell in love with him but he didn't feel the same back. When all the Skate Kitchen crew learns about their date, the girls thought that she was a betrayer for being with Janay's ex.

Janay chased Camille from her home, so Devon receives her in his shared apartment, definitely a boy's place. Even knowing how bad the idea to feel something for Devon was, she committed a real mistake there.

One day she slept in Devon's bed without him but when he came, an uncomfortable scene begins. Devon and Camille start kissing but he couldn't be intimate with her because, for him, she was just like a sister.

Camille felt terrible but also learned the lesson. Without a place to go, she came back to her mom, where was received with love. The film ends with a nice message; if you have regrets, you always be able to say "sorry" and be forgiven, you can start a new way and recover those real friends.


About Skateboarding Scenes


The heart of the film is skateboarding, it captures all those moments on the board like enjoying a sunny day, having fun with friends, recording tricks, laughing, and sometimes fighting for respect in the skatepark.

The girls who starred in the film were so talented, like Rachelle or Nina who made excellent performances. The movie also shows the diversity in skateboarding, where you can find all types of tastes and styles.


Everyone is welcome in a skatepark 'cause there, what really matters is persistence, just you trying more than once to land a trick and improve your skills with each new achievement.

Skateboarding sounds and planimetry helped a lot to conserve the real essence. The way to show skate parties and sessions among the streets, skateparks, also the dynamics between the girls and boys make the film unique and special.

We appreciate the skateboarding support in the movie industry because it helps the community grow and inspires others to be skaters. This is a colorful and experiential movie, make sure to check out the trailer below. Recommended!



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