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Modders Have Made Skater XL the Best Videogame Ever

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Skater XL has become a videogame that changes the way we see video games, especially in the sense of skateboarding. There you have the chance to add any attachments that you want, if you are tired to see the same places, tricks, even clothes, so you can fix that by modifying it or downloading so-called "mods" from third party creators!

The term in videogame slang is "modding" and derive from the word modify. So a modder is able to program over hardware or software already created like Skater XL, a video game that has an adjustable interface.

T-shirt x XL Videogame

In 2018 when the game start, there was a lot of reactions and most of the gamers didn't like how basic the game could be, due to there wasn't really that many challenges, not enough parks or varities of options so the gamer was getting bored easily.

In short time people learned the news and how the game was a dissapointment, but those who have the knowledge of modding started to changed the game to something different than what skater XL was. Modders have now left a long list of downloadable addons and players have started to downloaded those.

Some people didn't get that and thought it was thanks to the modders that the game was saved, but actually the game gave everyone autonomy and ability to make changes to the game, if they wouldn't have done that none of this good stuff would have happened.




Through the last two years Skater XL has evolved and adapted to different platforms like Steam, PS4, XBOX, Computer and more.

Its last version left everyone amazed, Easy Day Studios invited skaters like Evan Smith, Tom Asta, Brandon Westgate, Tiago Lemos and Eliana Sosco. Those characters and updates gave Skater XL a new look and expectation to start a new episode.

Smith feels like being part of a huge project, he was living a childhood dream come true as well. "3D image scanning is the coolest thing, I felt like I was inside of a robot's brain, having all the wires and the lenses pointed at you, just an amazing thing that I've never seen. I like it and it's really exciting," said Evan Smith at Skater XL.


Why Did Modders Take Skater XL?

shit bubble x XL collab


Thanks to this game, modders have the whole autonomy to recreate any atmosphere at Skater XL, even though that doesn't mean that you can just program it and then all the users are going to have your templates.

In this case, users will have to pay for the video game, find and download the maps or accessories, install them and enjoy it on their devices where the original game is available.

For those who are dedicated modders there is a lot of enjoyable work to find here, you could get the Unity editor and start building maps and characters to create a skateboarding world of your own.


onklp deck x XL videogame

Most of the maps added are recreating a real skatepark, and it's nuts to see that you have so many choices to skate at home or with your friends and experience those places that you have seen on pictures or videos and now are in a game.

You have 5 options that come with the game, Easy Day High School, The Big Ramp, Downtown LA, West L.A Courthouse and California Skatepark. But also, you can skate those which the community has made, like SLS skateparks, Péitruss Skatepark, Grant SkatePark, Streets, Hűdland Training Facility and many more.


Are There More Things to Modify?

You can play alone or with friends and the funny thing is that you can record cool videos together. With the new features you can also accomplish any challenges and even better, modders also offer new accessories to apply to the game and dress in the best style or a deck from your favorite brand.

An amazing example of these features is our brand SHIT®, we are available on Skater XL and you can skate skate with our decks, inside the game. With a wide selection like our Classic Talking Bubble Chaos decks, some of our collaboration decks and our classic T-shirt as well. All of this thanks to our friend Thomas who happens to be one of the modders.


Among other things that a modder can modify is to control speed and make video more realistic, so some modders have made this thinkable and then a fact. So now you can see how fast your character goes and see the tricks in slow motion. And there's more: "Babbo Settings and Mac's Camera Utils let you adjust the angle, blur, focus, and other elements to give you the ideal camera shot while playing," said Aron Garst in his article in PCGamer.

So like in real life, you can record an amazing video and control your environment to do it, just because modders created those additions. Now everything is skateable and you can download customs inspired in other videogames as well.

"They've added the Sanatorium from Skate 3, a map where you play on a moving truck bed, and even Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64," Aron Said too.


Ikaro deck x XL video game

Without a doubt, thanks to Skater XL, skateboarding has had another video game door open and those who can't skate but are modders and love this sport, well this has been the moment to mix both cultures and get the best from both.

I guess that it isn't just the plot and graphics that motivates people to say that this is the best videogame ever, in some cases it is also if the game developers give modders a chance to make some dents and additions to a game.


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