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Mitchell “Mitchie” Brusco Making History in Big Air

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Considered one of the big promises of skateboarding as a sport, Mitchie started skating professionaly at only 14 years old and earned Big Air gold in 2018 with a historical performance followed by the world's first ever 1260.  Even though he didn't leave with the 2019 gold but won the silver medal behind Elliot Sloan who did an indie 720 in the gap and a tail 900 over the quarterpipe, his 1260 feat left everyone amazed and it will probably be regarded as the best of Big Air for many years to come.


Big Air, a Mega Ramp to Fear

big air x games mega ramp
Photo: X Games

The X games has lately led one of the most interesting and risky events called mega ramp. Measuring 50 feet from the top to bottom of the transition, hitting speeds of up to 40 mph, followed by a 50-foot jump and then landing to ride a 27-foot-high quarterpipe, this is quite the ride. Taking these details into consideration we can easily appreciate what “Mitchie” Brusco accomplished here, if there are anywhere for skaters to leave a mark Big Air is it. Just by understanding the difficulty and danger this event brings with it, “Mitchie” might just be the one who made the greatest skateboarding feat of this 2019.






The Work Behind a Legendary Skateboard Trick

The process involved in doing the Big Air is not simple. You need to get used to the delicate feelings of it so skating it for 5 years is a necessity if you want to get comfortable with the ramp. When Mitchell started he just didn’t take any breaks, doing a 900 straight away and immmediatly next year doing a 1080.

The following years he slowed down a bit because he felt that for him to take the next step he would need to get a lot more practice and develop his skills. But when 2019 came he just knew it was time to attack the mega ramp, giving the 1260 a shot in practice and at the X Games Big Air in Shanghai. Once he felt everything was in place and that he was prepared, he finally managed to pull it off at the Minneapolis X Games.

Maybe no one else will do a 1260 anytime soon but we all know it's just a matter of time before the next ridiculously amazing feat is made. We just cannot wait what the next decade will bring. 



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