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Milton Martínez: 2019 Skater Of The Year

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


It hasn’t been more than two months since Argentine Milton Martínez got known to the wholeskate community because of his video “Demolición” uploaded by Trasher Magazine. Everything he does on it is sick, imposing on every skater in the world and winning one of the most prestigious awards in skateboarding. The SOTY (Skater Of The Year) given by Trasher Magazine.

Milton took over the torch following New Yorker Tyshawn Jones, who won the SOTY back in 2018. Milton won it at 28 years old, over other nominees Tiago Lemos, Nora Vasconcellos, Mark Suciu, Sammy Baca and Justin Figueroa. It is worth noting that all of them had a spectacular year.


Milton’s Beginnings In Skateboarding

He started to skate because of his father Pablo Tattoo Martínez, who is also a skater and has his own skateboarding shop too. Milton started skating when he was 5 years old and at 6 his dad took him to his very first contest in Buenos Aires. When he was 16, Milton’s career started to grow alongside the family contacts. He became a resident of Long Beach, California, skating just like he did back in Argentina.

Then, he knew what he needed to do. Train like hell and become visible to sponsors and industry, leaving little time besides competitions. He even made a 55 day tour through U.S. visiting 25 different states. During that tour he filmed himself skating and riding in the streets without participating in any skating contests. For him skating comes from the heart, trying things that he wouldn’t think possible in the past.






The Air Ruler

This skater from Mar del Plata was born with a skateboard. He pushed his career, attracting sponsors with his air jumps. Skateboarding is the only thing that frees his mind he says. He is part of the Converse team, with a skate repertoir mostly on air. He has a passion for really high places to jump and ride through ledges, slope ramps or every urban obstacle he finds on his way. He rules the air with skateboarding, jumping over highway rails or by surprise appearing over two concrete bridges. Like the skateboard was glued to his feet.

We expect Milton to keep amazing us with his skateboarding, this SOTY is one of the true soul skaters, riding from the heart. He express the real meaning of skateboarding and he’s not quite done yet.




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