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Mike Crum: Former Pro Skateboarder Fights Hunger In Dallas

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine


Born in Dallas, Texas in December 1973 he was ranked as one of the best skateboarders in the world, he is best known for his performance in the vert discipline and the achievements he has had on this field.

He is one of the original X Games athletes that gave a lot to talk about since the beginning of the events riding along with guys like Tony Hawk and with a total of 4 medals in his bag, he’s got how to prove he was one of the best. He has been off the spotlight and competitions for over a decade now, but he recently made headlines because of his philanthropic activities through skateboarding that he is promoting to help out his local community.

Once he finally retired and got back to his hometown, he noticed there was no actual place to skate, at least nothing good, so he decided to build his own skatepark with his friends to provide his community with a quality and safe place to learn and develop skills.

In 2015 they went full nonprofit and decided to give free access to the park to whoever needed it the most and that’s when 4DWN was born!



The organization focuses on kids at risk, kids that needed an outlet, and a place to dream. The 50 to 70 kids a day that show up to the facilities have a place to chill out, do homework, participate in art-related projects and express themselves and their needs in any other ways they find appealing to them, some of them just show up for support and someone to talk to and receive counseling, one of the coolest parts about the project is that it does not matter if you are a skater or not, these guys will let you in and listen to you but there is an added bonus if you do skate because you can leave all of your problems behind in the amazing park these guys have dedicated years in developing.







Feeding the hungry

The facilities also happen to be in one of the most at-risk parts of Dallas, and this dude and their team noticed that some of these kids struggled to get a proper meal so they decided to start a side project on top of all of the previously mentioned to provide not only the kids but also their families a little bit of help in this particular area.

“The food desert coincides exactly with the map of poverty lines,”. “Once you have awareness of something you have a responsibility to act upon it. And if you don’t act upon it, that’s cool but you don’t belong with us. We get down, we do stuff.” told Rob Cahill, part of the team of skaters that decided to take hands into the matter to local news media.

The team decided to start a local sustainable farm where they plan to grow the food that they are going to provide to the families in need. They have been working with other nonprofit organizations like Restorative Farms to provide the locals with “grow boxes” and teach the families to build their own healthy sustainable food farm at home! This in addition to the over 25,000 pounds of food they donate each week!


Do You Want To Help?

Source: 4DWN Facebook page

They are currently seeking volunteers to help deliver the meals and any other help that you can provide, so if you love skating, want to give back to the community and are located in Dallas, DO NOT hesitate to give these guys a call and see how you can help out and make your community a better place!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, what are you waiting for? Have you checked how you can help out in your community? We are all in this together and the smallest bit of help could make a huge impact!



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